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It’s Here!

My sister, Gret, is exceedingly nice and has gotten us a gift of a food dehydrator (a 5-Tray SMALL GARDEN-Excalibur with 26 hour Timer).  She had the foresight to envision such an item’s utility in our local food challenge, and … Continue reading

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Fish Day: Cornmeal Crusted Cod, Roasted Corn and Salad

This was a quick, easy and tasty meal.  We served the cod with Worcestershire and hot sauce.  The corn was canned corn we had made last summer, just broiled on high in  with salt and cajun seasoning in an oiled … Continue reading

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Fennel Wheatberry Salad

This salad is perfect for using lots of the new and exciting veggies coming from the fields.  It can be served cold, which also suits the present weather we have been experiencing in New England.  When we bit into it, … Continue reading

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Greens Quiche and Cucumber Salad

Have lots of Greens?  Have lots of Eggs?  Maybe even a lot of scallions or spring onions? Then we have the thing for you: Greens Quiche.  A delicious way to deal with this wonderful predicament. Crustless Greens Quiche Recipe (Serves … Continue reading

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Whoops… almost forgot to post the meal plan

Just to keep you updated on our food challenge, what meals are to come in the week and and how the weekly slots are being filled etc. Here is our meal plan. Still having an easy time with only four … Continue reading

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Pasta ‘Ham Carbonara’ with Beet Salad

Homemade pasta is a love of ours.  It is tastier than store bought, the texture is divine, and it is just fun and easy to make. Homemade Whole Wheat/Semolina Pasta: (makes 4 servings) 3/4 cup of semolina flour 3/4 cup … Continue reading

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Brief Food Parade

Some lovely dishes we had over the weekend. We had a couple of friends visit and stay with us over Friday, we made buttermilk pancakes made from the buttermilk generated during the butter making endeavor last week.  Really good buttermilk … Continue reading

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