Local Produce Resources

Here are some ideas to get you going for local produce.  This is often the best place to start when trying to make local choices.  A good tomato in summer is heaven, and you just might branch out and try some new things!

Resources for Finding Farm Stands and Pick-Your-Owns:

  • Local Harvest – A nation-wide site.  It is a little bulky, but it could be useful if you are traveling, or looking for something unusual.  The website also has a great feature call the Ark of Taste, a project with Slow Food to keep certain heirloom foods in the food system.  There are lots of blogs to peruse, an events page, forums, and all kinds of ways to form digital communities.  Just don’t forget to forge a great community right here at home!
  • Farm Fresh – A nice guide to lower New England.  It works very similar to CISA, below.
  • CISA: Communities Involved in Supporting Agriculture – Laura and Theresa may as well have this as their home page right now.  We find it really useful, though somewhat hard to navigate.  Once you get used to the system, it can be a good starting point for locating foods in Massachusetts.  Be aware that the information is not 100% accurate all of the time.

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