The end of the CSA season

Last Friday was our last Red Fire Farm CSA distribution for the year.  This year’s extended season went out with a bit of a bang. A truck breakdown caused the distribution to be an hour late.  However, there were very few bumps after that.  Everyone was patient and understanding. We were able to give a last big produce-laden haul to our members for the holidays and get them started on local eating in the winter months.

The last distribution is always a mixed experience for me.  I am sort of excited about taking a break from running the distribution, but I am really sad that I won’t see the members for a long while, and I won’t get to play with beautiful produce every week or so.  It’s a hard parting, but it always brings little bits of unexpected joy and love:

A beautiful plant from a remarkable farm manager, baked goods from generous and newly made friends, home-made hand cream, much thanks and warm partings, and lastly, a peek at the legacy the CSA is creating:

A letter from a CSA member.

Bridget, a CSA mom, elegantly manages to come every week or so with a lovely bunch of kids who are more than enthusiastic about the produce they are helping pick out.  The kids couldn’t come to the last distribution because it was late, so one of her sons made me a card.  If you didn’t catch it- he admirably announces he is a vegetable pirate (a little translation from Bridget helped, but it definitely looks like a vegetable pirate to me :-)).

It just reminds me how far the CSA goes.  My hope is always to develop a community around the food that nourishes our bodies and souls, while maintaining the connection between farm and table.  The last distribution reminds me that not only are we delivering amazing produce to wonderful people and creating a community, but we are also nurturing a new generation’s appreciation for the food that comes to their plates.  I can only say I am so thankful I am a part of this amazing thing, and so thankful for what Red Fire Farm has created.

And with a big sigh with a sense of sadness and accomplishment, the CSA season ends.

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