Why Eat Local Food?

Advantages of Eating Locally

There are many advantages in our opinion. In brief: The selfish ones include high quality food (yumminess, nutrition and a mindful connection to your food), the selfless ones include benefits to the environment, small farmers, and your community directly.

However, we are not here to preach, nor go through extensive research and argument about these topics. If you are looking for information there are many books discussing the pros and cons of some of the standpoints we are using in this endeavor. Two of our current favorites are: Animal Vegetable Miracle (Barbara Kingsolver), and Omnivore’s Dilemma (Michael Pollan), and we will be looking for more books to read in the future. Please contribute your favorites for consideration. Obviously, we agree with most of the sentiments of these books, as we will be challenging ourselves to put our dollars and mouths behind these ideas.


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