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More Safe Eats, Really Tasty Snacks, and a Very Orange Dinner

Hallo!  I hope that everyone has finished with the remains of their Thanksgiving dinners, and can now move on to new eats.  We certainly have! We are also trying a new system of eating, where we make lunch the main … Continue reading

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Photo Parade of Weekend

This weekend, we ate a lot of leftovers from Thanksgiving over Friday and Saturday.  Let’s start where we left off: That was our weekend in food.  We had a nice Thanksgiving weekend: lots of good food and good times.  I … Continue reading

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Cleaning Out Our Burrow… Simple Eats and More Leftovers

Laura and I like to think of our home as a burrow, a retreat from the world that we can fill with whatever we like.  Like most burrows, though, it does get dirty, cluttered and unorganized.  Sometimes very dirty, very … Continue reading

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Food Celebration Day

Happy Thanksgiving, or more appropriate for today, Happy Black Friday to all of those crazy shoppers out there.  Now that we have survived the gastronomic event that is Thanksgiving, we will share with you our food exploits for Turkey Day … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving! The Food Holiday and What We are Thankful For.

I hope that everyone’s thanksgiving is going well, with few food dramas, fewer family dramas and plenty of TV or Movie drama! To start this all off, we had an easy dinner last night, in prep for a food-a-rific day … Continue reading

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Eating Safe Part 2: Reliable Foods = Comfort Food

As Laura talked about yesterday, we are keeping to safe foods that we know are easy, tasty and, most importantly are safe foods.  No excitement, no creativity, but good happy comfort foods that make our tummies happy.  We all have … Continue reading

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Heirloom Bean and Corn Chili with Pickled Radishes

Firstly, I would like to say that crock pot meals are one of the most wonderful conventions of cold weather.  Something hearty and warm that has slowly cooked during the day and is waiting for you when you come home … Continue reading

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