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Reprise of the One Skillet Root Vegetable Dinner – With Lots of Pictures!

Hey there, are you ready for a little April Fool’s action?  How about a Nor’easter?  Apparently those crocuses and snow drops were just a tease, and now we are destined for more snow and rain Friday.  I keep saying “I … Continue reading

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Suprisingly Good and Fewer Dishes to Wash

I’m not going to talk very much about this today, since I intend to have it again tonight.  I can regale you all about how remarkably yummy, quick and easy to clean up after this meal was tomorrow when I … Continue reading

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The Joys of Cooking Ahead When You are Alone

First night without Laura was uneventful, except that I have learned that Mr. Fitzwilliam Kitty has learned how to whiney-mew from Shera.  Oh joy, two cats that can pitifully sound like they are going to die this instant if you … Continue reading

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Photo Parade – Last Red Fire Farm Deep Winter CSA Distribution

Hello everyone!  Its the last week of March, and the weather is brisk, biting and sometimes bitter.  While not mucky and raining (or snowing) its still pretty damn cold.  Yet!  All of the farmers are looking to spring, changing their … Continue reading

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Brief Announcement to Give You a Life Update

Hi everyone No food, no pictures, just an announcement.  There has been a health emergency that has cropped up in Laura’s family in Florida.  She is going to be heading down for the upcoming week, and will be traveling a … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Meals

Yet again, our Thursday evening was spent apart, with me working late, and Theresa at home to cook herself her own dinner.  Thus, you get two meals for the price of one post.  🙂 My locavore-on-the-go dinner included a salad, … Continue reading

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A Brief Post with Nary a Veggie to be Seen

Life throws you some bumps and surprises.  Sometimes these are good, sometimes these are bad, and sometimes they make you not want to eat a rutabaga casserole for dinner.  Alas, our tentative concoction of a rutabaga gratin savoyard with cheese … Continue reading

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