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Local Nachos

Well, we’ve been enjoying local bounty quite nicely over the past couple of weeks.  It seems like the winter months are actually really easy to eat locally if you have prepared correctly.  I kept on wondering why I felt that … Continue reading

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Coasting Along in Early January

Nothing too much happening here, just coasting along the first week after the holidays and prepping for the rest of the winter.  We are tapping into some of our beans and grains. The black beans from our CSA are divine.  … Continue reading

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Our Last Major ‘Put Away’

It is December, and we have just finished our last ‘put away’ of food for the upcoming dark days of winter.  I’m sure you are probably thinking ‘what the heck is growing in December?’, to which I will reply, ‘not … Continue reading

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Photo Parade

Here is another Photo Parade update.  This material is rather old… at least a few weeks, maybe even a month (yikes!). I will only give the high points, since we’d love to get to sharing with you what we’re doing … Continue reading

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Last of the Corn and Kabocha… eaten with Chili!

So, last night was the end of the frozen corn.  My last corn salad.  No more corn until the fresh sweet corn in July. I will heave a deep sigh, and try to find some other tasty thing to broil … Continue reading

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Food-Parade of Our Weekend Including Journeyman Restaurant Review

Let us begin this week with a photo-parade about our at home eats and our dining out experience at Journeyman Restaurant. We began the weekend without a CSA, or winter market.  We actually didn’t go grocery shopping either.  We sort … Continue reading

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February! It Doesn’t Seem Much Different than January!

I really hope we don’t continue this “one-storm-a-week” trend that has been in place since the beginning of January.  The first week in February seems to have other plans, with a monster two-day storm sweeping across the US.  We are … Continue reading

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