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Little Parade of Theresa’s Eats

Here a little parade of my eats, some pretty non-local, but a lovely treat while Laura was gone.  So, I bought four entirely non-local items to spice up my week.  Half of them I loved every minute of, the other … Continue reading

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I Am Still Alive!

Hi All! Laura is still away, roasting in Florida in 90 degree weather.  The weather is pretty nice is Boston right now, no?  Despite it being gray and a little humid, I can go out without a jacket and can … Continue reading

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All By Myself… With The Cats and Birds… And Food…

Laura is off today for Florida again, just for a few days, leaving me to fend for myself again.  The cats and birds provide lots of noise and demands to keep me quite busy, and we have a newly planted … Continue reading

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Photo Parade of our Weekend

Howdy!  Here’s a recap(itulation) of our weekend in photo parade format.  Enjoy! You know how I talked earlier in the week about using less vegetables, and being okay with it.  Well, I managed to still make a meal for Friday … Continue reading

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Last of the Corn and Kabocha… eaten with Chili!

So, last night was the end of the frozen corn.  My last corn salad.  No more corn until the fresh sweet corn in July. I will heave a deep sigh, and try to find some other tasty thing to broil … Continue reading

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After dinner last night, I’m starting to feel like I really have this whole hunger-months cooking with our preserved food down pat.  We don’t have a ton of vegetables that we want to cram into our meals right now.  We … Continue reading

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Hitting the Bottom

If you remember back a few weeks ago, we posted a picture of our fridge, freezer and dry storage “inventory”.  I have to go through and update it, but I can assure you we are starting to cross things out … Continue reading

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