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Food Parade of our Weekend

Let’s start this week out right (so that maybe we won’t get another storm on Wednesday…. I can hope, right?) with a photo parade. We started our weekend on Friday with our Red Fire Farm Deep Winter CSA share goodies: … Continue reading

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Valhalla Re-Cap, CSA Distribution and Sherman’s Market Delights

It has been a week since ONCE in Valhalla, and pictures and commentary have begun to emerge.  It was such a big hit that JJ is going to do it again next year, much to our delight.  Two resources for … Continue reading

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When Your Roof Needs Shoveled Free of Snow, It is Time For Simple Comfort Food.

Yes, that is right, our flat roofed building needed the two plus feet of snow shoveled off of the roof.  There have been a couple of roof collapses in the city, and while they have been mostly industrial buildings, we … Continue reading

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Shrimpies for Lunch and Pasta for Dinner… and More Snow for Breakfast

Yesterday, I didn’t go in to work, even though the snow did not start until the afternoon.  One of my jobs requires a fair amount of driving, and my supervisor is very cautious about me driving during snow of any … Continue reading

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So, our Cape Ann Fresh Catch CSF is constantly throwing me a curve ball.  Every time I plan a recipe for an anticipated white fish meal on the day of distribution, I end up getting something unexpected.  Now, this isn’t … Continue reading

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Savory Oatmeal – A Twist on a Breakfast Classic

One of the dishes served at ONCE in Valhalla was a cheesy oat porridge that was served with ham.  It was delicious, and entirely unexpected.  Soft, creamy, with hints of onion and smooth melted cheese throughout.  It was a stick … Continue reading

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Photo Parade of our Weekend

Wowie is it cold outside this morning!  I hope everyone is keeping warm. Here is the photo parade of our weekend.  Since we already posted about our Wool Day at the Wayland Winter Market already, and we forgot to bring … Continue reading

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