It’s Here!

It's the ........

.. food dehydrator of our dreams!

My sister, Gret, is exceedingly nice and has gotten us a gift of a food dehydrator (a 5-Tray SMALL GARDEN-Excalibur with 26 hour Timer).  She had the foresight to envision such an item’s utility in our local food challenge, and god love her, got us one!  And may I assure you, this is no ordinary food dehydrator.  It can make yogurt (I am presently testing this out as I type), dehydrate fruit, veggies, meat, leaven bread, make raw vegan stuff (crackers, fruit leathers) and well…. probably many other things we are going to discover in the near future. It accomplishes this by a side fan/heater (very fancy and effective).  I am putting this machine to the test by making some yogurt: We ran out of Sidehill yogurt for our breakfast smoothies, so I thawed some Sidehill milk and am presently incubating it in the dehydrator.  I also plan to dehydrate some cherries later today.  I will certainly update as the results come in!

Thanks Gretchen!

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2 Responses to It’s Here!

  1. Magda says:

    Oh my goodnees I am SO jealous right now! I have part of a yogurt maker in Savannah, although all information is missing and the cups are, too, since I’m sure my mother has been using them as regular cups 😛
    Dehydrators are awesome, and I’m glad to see you can do so much with them!

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