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Happy Birthday Laura!

And how old is Lovely Locavore Lady Laura today?  To adopt a Jane Austen phrase, she very well might be on the wrong side of five and twenty!  No matter the age, Happy Birthday Laura! [Laura’s PostScript:  So, we went … Continue reading

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Hoppin’ John Supreme

A divine dinner, inspired by the Edible: A Celebration of Local Food.  It had lots of little parts, but was, in the end, easy to prepare.  But first, a look at the glorious mess that was dinner last night.  The … Continue reading

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Boston Baked Beans, Brown Bread and Summer Squash Corn Soup

History time: Boston Baked Beans and Boston Brown Bread are an interesting part of Bostonian heritage.  The main reason for this is that these two dishes have a lot of molasses in them.  Boston was a big rum producing city, … Continue reading

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Food Philosophy and Reflection… The Strawberry

I had promised that, once a week, I would present a small piece of food thought, theory, research or philosophy on why we are undertaking this challenge.  This is both to convey our reasons for devoting so much of our … Continue reading

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How We Began, The Final Chapter and a New Beginning… The CSA

Yesterday was an auspicious day.  June 12th was our first day of our Local Eating Challenge Year.  This is the perfect time to complete the story of how we arrived at this day.  Our philosophies and views of our food … Continue reading

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How We Began… Part 2, The Store

Theresa now, continuing our brief history of food and eating. Last episode, we talked about The Cookbook, American Whole Foods Cuisine.  During our initial forays into the recipes, it became obvious that there were certain ingredients that were not to … Continue reading

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How this Started, Part 1… A Cookbook

Theresa here, with my very first post. Our journey to the point of discussing doing a local food challenge has been years in the making. Lest you think we started cold turkey, like these brave and intrepid individuals at the … Continue reading

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