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Its a cow, its a loaf… its a cupcake?!

Wait a minute!  A. Meat. Cupcake?!  Well, yes.  While I covered the Newton Red Fire Farm distribution, Theresa gathered her creativity and came up with an amazing presentation for meatloaf.  We apologize if it is disturbing.  It was tasty. [Theresa:  … Continue reading

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Meeting the Meat, and the Start of a Deep Thinking Series of Posts

This is a little later than usual to be posting, but we have finally gotten to reporting on our visit to Stillman’s at the Turkey Farm Open House. Let me first tell you, the actual visit was great, but the … Continue reading

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Homemade Pizza and Roasted Corn

Making your own pizza is pretty easy.  I made some pizza dough (using the calzone dough recipe) on Monday, and froze it down after its rise, and then thawed it overnight when I wanted to make pizza.  Once it thawed, … Continue reading

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Pickled Green Beans

Last night, although we had many things to do….. there was a crate of green beans in the corner of our breakfast nook, waiting.  It had been waiting since last Friday from our Red Fire Farm bulk order, beckoning us … Continue reading

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Broiled Pollock, Pan-cooked Summer Squash, Steamed New Potatoes and Cream Dill Sauce

This was a super quick meal.  We got beautiful pollock from our Cape Ann Fresh Catch CSF this week, and I simply cut pollock fillet pieces, rubbed with salt and pepper, and put to broil in the oven  on Low … Continue reading

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Getting the Hang of Bread with Upinngil Flour

I have to admit…. I’ve been loving the freshly ground flour I have been getting from Upinngil Farm, but it has remarkably different qualities and characteristics compared to whole wheat flours you can buy from the grocery store that I’ve … Continue reading

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Open Faced Italian Beef Sandwiches with Baked Cucumbers in Basil Cream

The open faced beef sandwhich is really easy to make and quite tasty, though not necessarily the most beautiful creation.  The cucumbers baked in basil cream was a great use of the cucumbers and basil from our Ref Fire Farm … Continue reading

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