Good Eats and Good News!

First the good eats.  We went to the Wayland Winter Market for the first time this season, despite the snow and scored some awesome stuff.

Fresh Chard!

Blue Oyster Mushroms

These lovelys are from a new vendor, which we were thrilled to see!  We love us some mushrooms, and being to find them locally always makes us happy.  These are from Laurelwood Farms in Paxton.

We turn those lovelies into a super dinner of mushroom ragu over fresh ground polenta.

Mushrooms and shallots and garlic waiting for dinner

Pretty side salad with spinah, also from the market

I can’t find the picture of the actual dinner, but it was good.  I’ll post a picture with the recipe later this week.

In the meantime, be distracted by our lunch, including cute birdy in the upper left who has discovered, surprisingly, that he likes people food.

Bean soup toast with cheese, pickled radish and hot tea. Yum.

The market was also special in that it was a fiber day, and lots of wool vendors were there.

Laura is learning to spin, and bought some lovely wool to help her along with her new hobby.  Theresa didn’t buy anything, but scoped out the good for the next wool day in February.

Laura’s swag.  I expect to be the one knitting this up into something lovely, someday.  Maybe when she graduates up to a proper spinning wheel.

And now to good news!  We got on the waiting list for a plot at the Brookline Community Gardens, and actually got a plot this year!  We had a choice of 30 x 15 feet or 15 x 15 feet.  We (I) opted for the smaller, to get our feet wet in this gardening a larger space thing.  So exciting!  We are perusing seed catalogs for heirloom varieties that will be interesting to grow.  We’ll be posting about our garden adventures from here on, so look out for that.

With that, I leave you.  Disjointed post, true, but it could be worse! Cheers!

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5 Responses to Good Eats and Good News!

  1. nruitNina says:

    What a great opportunity! A community garden plot sounds wonderful. I will love seeing how that goes.

  2. SJ Smith says:

    I had to laugh at your birdie friend. My folks have several birds, and they squawk if they forget to share when they’re done eating. They’ll eat toast, fresh garden beans, carrots, apples, and even cheese and icecream.

  3. sheriffsmith says:

    I’m so excited for the two of you. I’ll want pictures of you in your suspenders with hoe in hand!! I’m also quite amazed that Theresa didn’t buy even one inch of yarn … wow, that’s serious self control. Love you guys Dad

    PS … Thanks for the comments on my post.

  4. MN says:

    Aren’t the mushrooms great? Can’t wait to try more from Laurelwood! Good luck to Laura on her spinning.

  5. lorraine says:

    I thought for sure that Theresa would be spinning wool but we still need to make the trip to Iron Horse in Natick, MA. Another great place to learn spinning is Fiber Art in Harvard, MA. She also has wool for you to spin and weave. She teaches classes in weaving, spinning and knitting. Congrats on the community plot, I know you will have fun and if you need help just give me a shout. I am planning on tending my spot again this year but had a poor season last year. Remember to get your soil checked by the local agricultural extension (in Waltham I think) and amend your soil in the spring. Happy seed peeking!!!

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