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Happy Hallowe’en – Let’s Talk about Our Trip to Hell (and the Food We Ate)

One week previous to today, we traipsed down to the Oberon to descend into the Nine Rings of Hell, and eat tasty food accompanying it.  This O.N.C.E event was mentioned during our first O.N.C.E. event, and we have been waiting … Continue reading

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A Fall Breakfast – Pumpkin Cranberry Oatmeal Custard

I love oatmeal, particularly Wood Prairie Farm Oatmeal and Bob’s Red Mill Thick Cut Rolled Oats.  Wood Prairie has been the oat of choice around here for a while, seeing as it fits perfectly into our challenge rules (it’s also … Continue reading

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Blue Cheese and Kale Thingy

In Asparagus to Zucchini, there is a recipe for Blue Cheese Kale Roll-Ups that caught our eye.  While the idea of using store-bought bread rolled out into thin sheets of carbohydrate to wrap up the cheese-kale mixture as a shell … Continue reading

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Squash, Kale, and Sausage Soup

Here is an easy dinner for a fall night that includes winter squash in two in carnations: baked and simmered.  This was sort of an experiment when we decided that carnival squashes would be pain in the patoot to peel.  … Continue reading

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Apples and Cabbage and Bacon… Oh My! A tasty failure and a delicious discovery.

 Our tasty failure was a success in some ways.  We made a really good dinner with cabbage, apples and dumplings.  We totally failed at making spatzle.  The recipes I have all consulted say to press the soft dough through a colander … Continue reading

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Enter Kohlrabi Curry and Green Tomato Chutney… Return of the Pear Cake

 One of the most commonly misunderstood vegetables that is distributed in the CSA is Kohlrabi.  A curious vegetable, a possible cross between a cabbage (kohl in german) and a turnip (rabi in german).  Ta-da, a kohlrabi, cabbageturnip.  Part of the … Continue reading

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Food Parade of Weekend

  We went to the O.N.C.E. in Hell on Sunday night for dinner at the Oberon Theatre in Cambridge.  O.N.C.E. events are run by Cuisine En Locale, a powerhouse local foods kitchen of sorts run by JJ Gonson.  This O.N.C.E. … Continue reading

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