Le Garden!

So, we found out our garden plot number and absolutely had to take a trot out to try and locate it.  After all, if the previous inhabitants had left any sort of structure (raised beds, any tomato cages, etc.), we would want to know, in case we wanted to use it. Well, if we guessed correctly…

There is little else besides some neatly arranged pavers, some clay-y ground that might need amending and a rusting chicken wire fence.  The exciting thing is that if this is our plot, we have an almost blank slate of earth to work with.  It might not look like very much in this picture, but lets add Laura for scale.

All said and done, it is a pretty nice little chunk of ground for us to go crazy on.  I have a feeling we will be adding raised beds and maybe some new chicken wire or other fencing to mark it out.  Interesting, it doesn’t seem exactly 15×15.  We couldn’t figure out if it was narrow than 15′ or longer than 15′.  The archivist/planner in me desperately wants to measure it and make a detailed layout.  Thing is, we still don’t know if this is exactly the plot we have been assigned.  I want it.  I have my heart set on this one.

We are planning on buying some seeds and maybe starting some of our own plants indoors.  If they fail, we can buy some more plants, but we want to see what we can do ourselves from step one.

In the meantime, we have a large stash of sweet and regular potatoes to work through.  We can’t seem to eat them fast enough.  So, you know we did? We made pasta! Ha!

We were craving some serious comfort food, and homemade pasta and cheese was totally in order.  Instead of spaghetti, we made orecchiette (little ears) and covered them with some of the best swiss cheese we can find and peas from last spring.

Served with kielbasa sausage and sauerkraut it was fabulous.  The salad was some of the first winter baby greens we have gotten from Red Fire Farm, and they were so sweet and tender.  I swear I love greenhouse salad mix way more than spring green salad mix.  It just seems sweeter, tenderer. Or, we are so inundated with greens in the spring, I get bored of them quickly.  Right now, with freezing rain and cold nights it is a precious green delight.

Another winter delight? Apples.  We are obsessed with pears in the fall, so winter is the time for apples to shine.  Fresh on oatmeal, cooked into a sauce for pork chops, sliced thin and covered with graham crackers and served with whipped cream…

Freaking fabulous.  Can eat just this for dinner tonight? A big pan all for me?  Warm, sweet and comforting… mmm… winter.

And now for the humorous picture of the week.

Whaddya mean we can’t sleep on your knitting?  Why is it in the sun, on our daybed if we can’t sleep on it?  All squishy spots are ours to sleep on, no matter how much you want to work on it!

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5 Responses to Le Garden!

  1. nruitNina says:

    Love it! And the orrechiette look beautiful. They are my favorite!

  2. sheriffsmith says:

    First it will be chicken wire and by the fall you’ll have built a green house. Keep us informed on what you’re growing. Love ya Dad

  3. I really love your blog and enjoy your posts!

    I wanted to let you know I awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. Love your posts and I hope to bring more traffic to your site. If you’ve not seen it on other people’s blogs recently, it’s basically a little award for great blogs with under 200 followers. You can now choose up to 5 other blogs to pass the award on to. See my blog post today for details!

  4. lorraine says:

    Okay, it has been several months since your last blog about your garden and the weather has definitely gotten warmer, so what have you been doing with your garden plot?

    • Hi Lorraine,
      It has been several months. Dear me. I have a half written post on garden updates, but has it been posted? No. Well, I should give a brief summary before posting it….We have been puttering around in our garden plot. We built beds, put in some of our home made compost, planted peas, radishes, and greens (kale, salad burnett, and sorrel) with some nice success. Our seedlings for tomato, tomatillo, and eggplant are doing okay. We put up a new fence yesterday. And…. we’re just waiting for a big shipment of compost for the whole community garden to come in- next week, to really dig our teeth into it!
      I hope you and Glenn are doing well and that the mild winter and spring is treating you well!

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