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Sometimes We Can Succeed Without a Mealplan, But it Will be Painful

Coming home from Florida threw us off a little bit.  We haven’t gone grocery shopping, we are not sure if we want to give ourselves points for the week, or just loosely follow the challenge, or what.  No meal plan, … Continue reading

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Simple and Comforting… A Short Letter to the Crockpot

Dearest Crockpot, It has been a few weeks since you have made an appearance, but we had not forgotten you.  Your charms are too many to forget.  Your magic of taking a few plain food items and slowly coaxing a … Continue reading

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We’re Back!

We arrived back in Boston yesterday, greeted by lots of snow,  about 1 -1/2 ft of snow… not too bad. We were very happy to be home with our beloved pets and extraordinarily happy to have the ability to cook … Continue reading

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Don’t Try to Beat Mother Nature, She Will Win… A Delay in Our Return to Boston

**Update:  Our flight was cancelled.  Thank goodness for spastic pre-planning.  Enjoy the snow up there!** Oh my, there seems to be a blizzard bearing down on Boston.  At least the snow forecasts have moved from 1-2 feet of snow to … Continue reading

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Unique Florida Holiday Food Traditions

Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating! One tradition that my (Laura’s) family has instigated for the past couple of years or so is going to Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami every Christmas Eve.  Certainly not a home-cooked meal, and not perfectly … Continue reading

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Local in Florida… Our Local Lunch

It might have been easy to make, it might have been lunch, but by golly we had a sumptuous local meal in Florida.  Check it out. After our visit to Nutrition S’Mart, we used our purchases, plus a few things … Continue reading

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Greetings from Florida!

We are presently staying at my (Laura’s) parent’s abode and finally have the appropriate equipment (camera+software+computer) to put out a post of our Florida doings, food and otherwise. We are presently off of our local food challenge, since visiting between … Continue reading

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