A Locavore Guide

This is our local food resource area.

We only have access to a limited scope of local food, living in Boston, and haven’t exhausted our resources. Therefore, we have a few goals for our provided resources:

  1. We want to help everyone find their own local food, no matter where they live, and no matter their preferences.
  2. We don’t want to narrow the market or create too much bias for the particular local food producers we have already utilized (we like them a lot, but we are not given any perks for posting anything about them, and want to make sure that producers we have not used yet are not overlooked)
  3. Would like to encourage others to contribute to this resource, and give a shout out if you find a local product you’re crazy about.

Use the links below to begin searching for some local options:

These are online resources for you to search and find convenient local food for you, wherever you are at in the country:

These are physical places/resources within the Boston Area at which you can find local food:

This is a section that we keep a running list of local products and producers we have used.  This is by no means an extensive list:

Links are provided as often as possible, and as often as we can keep them updated.  Many of these resources, we’ve tried, and we approve.  Many of the other resources have been taken from the Boston Localvores (before they shut down!), and from the Boston Chapter of Slow Food.

If we have missed someone or a great resource you think everyone ought to know about, please, let us know!  We are only two people, and can only go so many places at a time, be our eyes and ears, and we can all benefit.

Please feel free to add any information you’d like us to add or found particularly helpful below:


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