Local Nachos

Well, we’ve been enjoying local bounty quite nicely over the past couple of weeks.  It seems like the winter months are actually really easy to eat locally if you have prepared correctly.  I kept on wondering why I felt that way… and then our inventory reminded me- oh yeah, I spent most of the summer preserving stuff…. that’s why it seemed so busy….

Anyway, we’ve been enjoying an indulgent local meal a couple of times now.  Local nachos. Now, I know that Tex/Mex inspired dishes with creative New England locavore tendencies will not please the purists, but I will share, because it deserves sharing.

Radishes! Black, regular red, and green chinese.

I like radishes, but Theresa isn’t the biggest fan.  For some reason, I feel like mexican inspired meals need radish.  Go figure.  So, my best solution for this situation: quick pickled radishes.

Radishes hanging with brine. I love the confetti of colors with all the varieties of radishes.

I used our trusty recipe for a radish brine, found here, and then just popped the sliced radishes in and let it hang out in the fridge for a few hours.

What else do you need with nachos?  I mean we’re making a meal out of this.  Beans, of course.  We have been really enjoying the black turtle beans from our Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain CSA.

Black beans, with onion and garlic.

I also stewed some okra in roasted tomatoes (all put up during the summer in our inventoried freezers) with creole seasoning as a side.

And then, of course, corn, cheese, and corn chips…. yes, local tortilla strips-Number 9 from Paino Organics. Layer the chips, corn, beans, and cheese and broil, till lovely.

Nachos without the fixins.

And then you add the fixins, pickled radish, scallion, homemade salsa, and some sour cream like substance (that’s Sophia’s Yogurt for us). And you have something just dreamy.

Oh, yes. Local Nachos, in their full glory.

Add some local hot sauce made by our friends and you are in heaven.  Local nacho heaven.

What local fixin’s would you add to your local nachos?

Local Nacho Ingredient Sources:

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2 Responses to Local Nachos

  1. sheriffsmith says:

    Very tasty looking! Dad

  2. Jess Lamson says:

    I would probably use homemade sour cream instead of yogurt, just ’cause I really like it!
    I use this recipe http://biology.clc.uc.edu/fankhauser/Cheese/BUTTERMILK.HTM#sour_cream

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