When Your Roof Needs Shoveled Free of Snow, It is Time For Simple Comfort Food.

Yes, that is right, our flat roofed building needed the two plus feet of snow shoveled off of the roof.  There have been a couple of roof collapses in the city, and while they have been mostly industrial buildings, we don’t want to take any chances.  We also live on the top floor, which means we suffer the most if such a thing occurs.  We are still not done (shoveling the roof in the dark is probably not a good thing), but we are getting there.

So, lots of shoveling makes a locavore hungry.  We are working from a pretty empty fridge of a few carrots, some turnips and rutabaga.  Lots of sweet potato and squash, though.  Beans, dried fruit, canned goods.  Lots of flour, grains and mustard.  We have plenty to eat!  It all takes time, though.  We had put some beans on to soak, and I made a simple stove-top bean dish.

Ara Kara Beans cooked with Carrots, Dried Apples and bacon.

While the beans cooked in plain water, I cooked bacon.  When those were nice and crisp, I drained and wiped the pan.  In went one large chopped onion, two chopped carrots and an ounce of dried apples.  When they were brown and tender, in went about half a cup of water, salt, pepper, thyme and bay.  The beans cooked quickly, and were added at the end.  Chopped bacon on top, and homemade rye bread with butter on the side, and we had a quick(ish), easy and tasty meal.

Were supposed to have squash on the side, but it didn’t cook quickly enough, and was left to be eaten in dessert and for lunch the next day.

Kabocha (or Kuri, depending who you ask) and butternut squash.

Some of us didn’t have to wait to enjoy the bounty of winter squash we still have.  Marion birdy loves the seeds, and has been known to try and leap into an unscraped squash half in pursuit of her prey.

quaker parrot parakeet eating seeds

Nothing like fresh butternut squash seeds to make Marion happy

While birdy had her dessert, we made our dessert: cocoa-squash cupcakes.  We are in love with these super easy, quick and healthy desserts.  Last night was used squash as the produce, and topped them with peanut butter and chocolate chunks.



We are picking up our second Deep Winter CSA share today, and we are super excited to see what we get.  We will do our grocery shopping at Sherman’s Market, and tromp home through mountains of snow to a crockpot soup  We really need a break from this, but the weather is not looking conducive to any snow melt.  I foresee lots of flooding in March, but hopefully all of the snow will make for a lush summer.  Just as long as we don’t get tons of rain constantly.  Happy Friday Everyone!

Local Supplies

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2 Responses to When Your Roof Needs Shoveled Free of Snow, It is Time For Simple Comfort Food.

  1. lorraine says:

    I really like your list of local supplies at the end of your blog. It’s a nice touch for those of us who would like to eat more local but cannot be as principled as you both are.

    • Thanks for the feedback. After following a few other local food blogs, I thought I’d try adding this feature. I’m still debating about whether or not to include it on our food parades…. I sometimes feel like we make some really shining local meals on the weekends, whose sources should be given nods. But I think that it might be too much info for that type of post. I’m glad you’re liking it!

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