Shrimpies for Lunch and Pasta for Dinner… and More Snow for Breakfast

Yesterday, I didn’t go in to work, even though the snow did not start until the afternoon.  One of my jobs requires a fair amount of driving, and my supervisor is very cautious about me driving during snow of any kind.  I don’t protest too much, it is a grant funded project, and as long as I get my hours in over the course of the year, everyone is happy.  If I don’t have to drive an hour in the snow, cool beans.

So that means Laura and I got to play with more shrimp for lunch yesterday, taking advantage of our winter citrus goodness and remaining salad greens.  Some cilantro, a grapefruit, red onion, lemon juice and hot sauce, and a basic ceviche was born.

Shrimp Grapefruit Ceviche - inspired salad

Along side we had the last of the roasted potato wedges from the night before and a yogurt-mayo-cumin-cilantro dip that brought more oomph to the meal.

Roasted potatoes are always heavenly

We tromped out into the already white world to go see a movie, and when we came out the snow was beginning to come down.  It came down for a while, paused and started back up again after dark.  We were busy with dinner, making pasta and using the tomato sauce Laura had made for the aborted fish soup.  Some spinach, expired olives and some roasted parsnips later, we had dinner.

All of dinner, for a chilly, snowy night.

Those poor olives have been living in our fridge since the summer.  I don’t know if olives ever expire, but they smelled good, and tasted just fine.  Its pretty amazing what you can find rooting around in your own pile of half-used condiments and nibbles.

Parsnips roasted with a little honey, served in a teacup! Novel presentations can really make the difference in reducing repetition-weariness..

A dollop of ricotta cheese, like a snow drift on a tomatoey island.

I love pasta, particularly Laura’s homemade pasta.  So toothsome and flavorful, especially with fresh ground flour and good olive oil.  The tomatoes were simmered until they became condensed and rich with sunny flavor, seasoned with garlic and an unbroken dried hot pepper.  Olives for salt, spinach for earthiness, and ricotta for smooth cheesy goodness.  One of my favorite fall-back meals.  I don’t think I could get tired of this very easily.

Dessert was easy, using up apples because we are getting more from our CSA tomorrow (!).  Apples and honey are delish together, add peanut butter to take it up a notch, and cocoa powder to make it feel really special.  We are enjoying sprinkling cocoa powder on stuff, expect more of that in the future.

Apples with honey, cocoa powder and peanut butter. Really good.

I hope you all in the north are shoveling out alright.  We might be climbing onto our flat-top roof to shovel off some of the snow, and our balcony need some serious love to rescue it from four foot drifts.  We are just hitting that place where we don’t know where to put it anymore.  We have no yard, and the last four storms filled that space pretty tidily.  What to do!?

Knit and eat and hibernate.  Just a thought.

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