Apples and Cabbage and Bacon… Oh My! A tasty failure and a delicious discovery.

Spatzle with Cabbage and an Apple Cider Vinagrette with Crumbled Bacon on top, garnished with parsley, served with a non-cabbage slaw side (carrot, hakurai turnip, kohlrabi and mayo)

 Our tasty failure was a success in some ways.  We made a really good dinner with cabbage, apples and dumplings.  We totally failed at making spatzle.  The recipes I have all consulted say to press the soft dough through a colander to make little ricey, noodley dumplings.  Use a potato ricer if you have one.  Make cute dumplings that you can dress up in all different ways.

Ah-hah-ha! No.  We ended up with almost no dough going through our colander, and what made it through disintegrated into a gruel-like consistency immediately.

So we added another egg or two and dropped in marble-sized pieces by hand to make larger, dense and chewy dumplings.  It was good, but not exactly what we were shooting for.  Is our colander lacking?  It’s hole too small?  Is our dough not the right consistency?  Alas, we may never know, but if we try again, the third time might be the charm.

However, the cabbage, served with apple-onion-cider-bacon deliciousness was sweet, a little sour and a touch salty with a splash of pep from the parsley.  Nearly perfect on our chewy dumplings.  The recipe came from Asparagus to Zucchini, which I don’t have on hand right now, so no recipe at the moment.  However, I can say that it would easily be a vegetarian meal if you took out the bacon garnish.  It was one of the first meals we have had that uses the German-Eastern European combination of cabbage, apples and vinegar that made a meal that was not really heavy, easy to make and really delicious to eat.  We may revisit this in the darker days of winter, when cabbage and dried apples are plentiful and other greenery is not.

Fun with fungi: Drying shitake mushrooms from Forest Harvest (distributed by Siena Farms at Copley Farmers Market)

Laura popped down to the Copley Square Farmer’s Market yesterday and pounced upon local, sustainable and small business mushrooms.  We are sad to have missed out on this opportunity earlier this year.  Think of all of the delicious fungus!  Forest Harvest Mushrooms, we are your new dedicated customers, through Siena Farms.  As a consolation prize, Laura brought home about a pound of shitakes, most of which were dried immediately.  They were thick, fleshy and smelled delicately earthy.  I can’t wait to try some, and possibly get more.

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One Response to Apples and Cabbage and Bacon… Oh My! A tasty failure and a delicious discovery.

  1. Dad says:

    Hi Girls,

    Theresa, your Grandma makes spratzels all the time for chicken and dumplings. She found a dedicated spratzle maker and although still messy they come out perfectly. When you come down at X’mas we can ask her to show you guys!! Love Ya !!!

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