Blue Cheese and Kale Thingy

In Asparagus to Zucchini, there is a recipe for Blue Cheese Kale Roll-Ups that caught our eye.  While the idea of using store-bought bread rolled out into thin sheets of carbohydrate to wrap up the cheese-kale mixture as a shell wasn’t so thrilling, but the cheese-kale mixture was enticing.  Our original idea was to make calzones, but this was dismissed in favor of a more stromboli-type savory pastry.

Assembling it all: On top of a calzone/pizza dough, a layer of blue cheese and angelito on the bottom, carmelized onions, then kale and spinach on top.

So, as has been discussed in other posts, our dough tends to be very wet and sticky.  Add too much flour and it becomes hard as a rock.  We’re working on trying to fix that, but we work with what we’ve got now.  So, if the dough shown in the picture above was normal, smooth, gluten-y dough, it might have happily stretched and cover those delicious fillings, and all would have been great.  But what really happened…

Wrapped, cheesed and ready to bake.

We made a dough boat!  I was a little sad that it wasn’t anything pretty, or even closed on top.  The dough just kinda went ‘meh, I think I’ll slowly, oozingly pool near the bottom’.  But, we saved it.  See that cheese on top?

Narragansett Creamery's Atwell's Gold- Divine Italian style Cheese

To quote Laura:

It turns a faux-pas into a fa-pow!

Yes, it saved our mangy looking savory pastry, and made it look intentional!  After it was baked for about 15 minutes at 450F, we pulled out our hot, golden-brown, slightly cheese-leaky dinner, and enjoyed it immensely with some pureed roasted tomatoes.

Done and served. Served with a roasted tomato sauce. YUM.

Any good failures out there recently?  We’ve had a string of tasty failures, dinners that are not pretty to look at, but are yummy-in-the-tummy to eat.  Any favorite foods that are less than gorgeous?

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