What is with the Weather?

I really hope that the snow storm was not an indication of what is to come in the near future.  While Boston did not get the shocking amount of snow that our friends did out in Western Massachusetts, we lost power over night, a shock now that our building has electricity dependent heat (we are thinking of a remedy for this…) .  It wasn’t too bad, we slept through most of it, but it makes me concerned about the pets (and us) if this is a trend.  Heat is important, but by golly, the stove is just as important!  Electric stoves don’t work without electricity.

We took our powerless morning to do some stock-checking, and discovered we had two big beautiful kuri squashes that had bad spots.  Nothing bad, but we needed to use them pronto!  When the heat turned on around 10:30, we helped the heating along by cranking up the oven and roasting the kabochas.

Such orange glory! Who need plain old pumpkins when you have these!

It was lovely, but then daunting to see all of that delicious squash ready to eat.  Could two people eat all of that in enough time to keep it from going bad in a new way? (Laura is laughing at me somewhere because she can put away half a squash this size with peanut butter and maple syrup in no time, and still have room for more.) So, we ventured into starting our typical winter carotenosis with this squash.

Argentinian Pumpkin Soup -Mark Bitmann "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian"

Oh my goodness was this good.  I’m not going to post the recipe because it came straight from the book, but I really recommend this as a stick-to-you-ribs vegetarian meal.  Next time I make it, though, I would add some beans, maybe black, to give it more protein.  I loved this soup, so I expect to make it again in the near future, and it used up plenty of squash, but the cooked stuff and some more raw squash.

Trying to get creative with squash

We tried using squash as a binder in dumplings, sort of like a gnocchi, and it turn out really well.  We are going to play with this idea more, but it didn’t use quite as much squash as I had hoped.

Supporting cast to use more squash

If I felt like I didn’t use enough squash in my dumplings, Laura came to the rescue and make a stew/dal with lots of fall/winter vegetables and lentils.  It was incredibly thick, and we a nice warm end to a cold day, served with rice.

What should we call this lentilly paste? Dal? Stew? Or just dinner?

However, most of that squash went into the best dessert we’ve had in a long time.  Taking a cue from Adrie over at Fields and Fire, we made a delicious kabocha squash pie.  Her recipe called for no milk/cream/dairy of any sort, and we made it crustless.  Fabulous recipe, and it was eaten very quickly (and used oodles of squash!)

Oh dear, this was good.  Much better than pumpkin pie in both of our opinions. Adrie, thank you, I have a feeling this will see us through many a winter’s evening.  We have a little bit more squash lingering in the fridge, which may get turned into mini pies for dessert this evening, but we shall see what Laura whips up for dinner!

Best to all!


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2 Responses to What is with the Weather?

  1. Adrie says:

    So glad you liked it!!

  2. lorraine says:

    you have to try real squash gnocchi, but you have to use a ricer and some potato with the flour. can send a recipe if you need one. Just made these this week with our squash and froze them for use later. great with crispy sage, olive oil and garlic sauce.

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