A canning day dinner.

Some of the most glorious eggs one can eat right now.

When we spend a lot of the day in the kitchen canning, we never want to put a lot of effort into dinner, but we can’t go out to eat, knowing we have such an array of fabulous food at home.  At this point, we put together a quick and lovely meal of cheese, bread, crudites and what ever is left from our adventures of the day.

Hard boiled eggs are an easy addition to the meal.  You probably have plenty of pots of boiling water already around, toss them in for 8 minutes or so while you run around trying to get your jam into jars or your chopped veggies for pickles covered in brine.  Let them cool while you manage other things. Enjoy an easy protein with your meal!  Can you tell these are a staple food for us at this time?

Deviled, the hard boiled eggs go well with this meal.  We knew we were going to have a crazy canning weekend, so we bought lots of groceries to go along with, creating the most marvelous and alluring spread for dinner that came together in lees than 15 minutes.

We had Paris Night rolls from Clear Flour Bakery, two types of cheese and some summer sausage.  We try to shoot for two types of cheese at least, a creamy cheese and a sharper cheese.  Here, we have a brie and a smoked cheddar, picked for how well they would go with pickles and jam.

Pickle sampler!  Starting at the bottom and going clock-wise, we have lemon-pickled fennel, green olives, pickled golden beets, lacto-fermented cucumbers, pickled lemon slices, and pickled okra.  They all tasted so different, and so good.

A Jam tasting with dinner. They were all delightful, and I really am looking forward to eating them this winter. We have already eaten one of the Raspberry-Lemon jams, shared with friends during a canning tutorial.

Our dessert was sampling all of the jams we had made during the day.  The last bits at the bottom of the pot that were not enough for a can were plenty for dessert, with some left over for toast in the morning.

Our day was very successful, with this dinner being the most successful of all.  If you know you are going to have a busy day in the kitchen, a little planning is all you need to have a great spread on the table in no time, with no extra sweat.

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