Where have we been? In the kitchen, of course!

We have been totally missing in action this summer. Between knowing that we didn’t HAVE to post, and putting up food like crazed squirrels, and starting new job/school/life stuff, we have let this slide.

But, we are going to try a bit better in these last dregs of summer, and into the beautiful early fall.  So, to start off this madness, I thought we should show you some of the food ativities that have been keeping us from the computer.  There are no recipes, but if you want anything, please let us know, and we will put one up for you!

Tomatoes- We have made canned chopped tomatoes, sauce, salsa and we are preparing to dry paste tomatoes today. I am getting quite done with tomatoes for the moment, but come February, it will be a breath of summer in a can.

Raspberry jam two ways - Raspberry and Lemon for half of this batch and Raspberry-Lemon-Mint-Lavender for the other half. The recipe came from Canning for a New Generation.

Holiday Cherries - We discovered a few small bags of herries from 2010 and decided to bathe them in a sugar-vinegar-spice syrup that is FAB, and eat them in the winter with cake and/or ice cream.

Prep space for pickling okra. We have gotten a lot of okra this year from the farm, much to our delight, and we have put up a fair few cans of this tasty treat.

Pickles and Jam... Yum

Summer in a box. Big fat blackberries that need to be taken care of immediately. Most were frozen, but some became blakberry jam and blackberry lemon sauce.

Balsamic Pickled Onions. With Laura starting shool and Theresa balancing jobs, we plan on a lot cheese-bread-jam-pickle dinners, maybe with a quick soup. These are a great tasting addition to any spread.

A Jam tasting with dinner. They were all delightful, and I really am looking forward to eating them this winter. We have already eaten one of the Raspberry-Lemon jams, shared with friends during a canning tutorial.

This is only some of the work we have done this summer.  Our labor day weekend was chock-a-block full of more canning and picking, resulting in the most delightful melt downs in the kitchen.  I’ll tell you more about that later when I post those pictures.  Either way, we will not be going hungry this winter.

As I said above, we are going to try to be more regular with our posts, with CSA ideas, canning and preserving adventures, and the like.  Enjoy the last of summer while you can!

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3 Responses to Where have we been? In the kitchen, of course!

  1. Marija says:

    All your preserved goodies look amazing.
    I’ve only managed to make strawberry preserves from the organic strawberries we picked at Red Fire Farm in Granby (in June), but as they were my very first make-your-own preserves, I’m immensely proud of those 6 jars 🙂 In any case, your blog is so inspirational that I plan to go back to your recipes next year, when I’m not as pregnant.
    Till then, I’m looking forward to all the lovely pictures and content you post on this blog (a big fan!).



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  3. libertywinn says:

    Hello from Southern California!
    Recipes, please! Balsamic onions, Holiday cherries, Raspberry-Lemon-Mint-Lavender Jam…

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