Food Parade Update

Hi There.  I am just now beginning to get through my backlog of food pictures, after a few weeks of neglect.  I will be putting a few of these food Parade catch up posts, hopefully getting ourselves up to speed in the near future.  I hope you enjoy!

Summer= summer squash love. These are round cousa squash, with lovely patty pans in the back.

Dinner for friends: Summer squash stuffed with black quinoa, tomato, feta, garlic, onion, basil and parsley. Before baking.

Theresa was sick when we roast the chicken, so the chicken was taken out of the dutch oven, the veggies were cut up and pieces of chicken were put into a lovely broth and simmered for a hearty chicken soup.

Melons! We have been getting lots of melons for the CSA! This little fellow is a snow leopard part of the honeydew family, pretty cool looking and pretty tasty.

A huge bunch of mint- a present from Sonia- a CSA member. Quite gorgeous and smelled delicious. We didn't have a lot of time to make some something like a mint pesto (but imagine!).

We did, however, put together a nice batch of plain mint and mint-blackberry flavored vodka from it. We are happily reaping the benefits now.

Getting overwhelmed with tomatoes? Try tomato salad for breakfast with your toast! A nice tomato salad with crystal brook goat cheese and oregano over endive, along with some more goat cheese on toast.

More tomatoes? Try a quick saute of tomatoes, onions, peppers and eggplant, served with basil, slices of mozzarella and toast.

The most amazing dessert in the world: Raspberries, mashed in a pan, and slowly heated.....

... and then you add a few (or more) pieces of chocolate, and let it melt... to make fresh chocolate raspberry sauce. I just ate it straight!

Stuffed peppers with black quinoa, chicken, onion, parsley, tomato, kale, and topped with melted cheddar.

Stuffed peppers were served with sautéed okra with paprika.

A lovely tomato snack: Sliced heirloom tomato with mozzarella, boxwood basil and nasturtium. Simple and just plain good!

More tomato based meals: Roasted tomato, breakfast sausage (Stillman), Crystal Brook Goat Cheese and chives on toast, along with hard boiled eggs (Red Fire Farm).

Very blueberry-y buckwheat (Uppingil Farm) pancakes. Served with butter (Trinity Farm) and honey.

Beets for pickling! Theresa had stopped by the Friday Cambridge CSA distribution, and an error in an order to Formaggio kitchen left the coordinator with too many beets. We were at the ready to buy up quite a bit of beets in preparation for making pickled beets- one of those pantry must haves, for us at least.

Our pickled lovelies: Red and Golden Beets segregated for our normal sweet pickled beets, and then a set of small red beets for juniper berry pickled beets!

Marion enjoying watermelon. Lets be precise watermelon seeds. She happens to like the seeds much more than the flesh.

Indian-inspired dinner: Okra curry on the top left, dal on the right, fried potatoes on the bottom.

When life gives you zucchini (in copious amounts) you make chocolate zucchini bread. This is more like a thickly set chocolate zucchini custard. I will share the recipe soon.

A delightful breakfast eggs poached in homemade salsa and sautéed squash. Nom.

And that is the first food parade update.  As you can see we have been keeping up in eating lots of delicious local food. At this time of year, with this type of bounty, it is pretty easy to make a simple local meal.  Unfortunately, all of the eating and preserving has taken priority and I just have not been keeping up with the blogging.  Hopefully that will change, and I will at least get a decent rhythm going.

Till then, enjoy the bounty!

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1 Response to Food Parade Update

  1. lorraine says:

    your food photographs are always so pretty and inspiring. When I don’t know what to do with the weeks CSA distribution having pictures always helps to generate ideas. Thanks for the info on okra, we still have a good deal left from prior distributions as I was away and Glenn was not inspired to cook for one person. I’m glad you are still blogging even though your year of principled eating is over, as you both continue to eat locally and inspire the rest of us city dwellers to do the same.

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