Tomato Festival!

Hi everyone.  I hope you all survived Irene alright.  I’m personally very happy that I just got power.  This may make up for the fact that our power went out right as we were canning tomatoes and jam!  Either way, I’m happy to have power back, just the same.

I thought I’d send out a quick post documenting this year’s Tomato Festival at Red Fire Farm. Enjoy!

The Red Fire Farm-stand was all dec'ed out for the event, streamers and everything!

Lovely cherry tomatoes on display and for buying.

As always, gorgeous farm fresh produce.

Cherry tomatoes of so many types! It was hard to keep myself in check.

Garlic from the garlic harvest hanging from the rafters in the barn.

Cooking demos.

Lots of ruffled tomatoes. Nom.

The Cherry-Tomato Trot for kids! This is a play off of the 5K Tomato Trot that happens every year.

The famous tomato tasting! Quite amazing. We actually got full off of tomatoes going down the line.

I will say that the line for tomato tasting was not that long this year.  There seemed to be a pretty good turnout, but a lot of people didn’t stick around too long in fear of the weather.  Nonetheless, it was actually pretty nice- it did start raining by the end, but it was actually a pretty nice day for it.

More tomato tasting.

Even more tomato and cherry tomato tasting!

We joined the crowds doing pick your own'ing on cherry tomatoes, beans and husk cherries. These are shell beans (tongue of fire I think).

We picked quite a few, you think?

Lots of people heading out into the PYO fields.

Corn roasting over a fire, straight off the plant. I must say, this is something I look forward to every year. We ate two ears of corn each. Nom!

Some of our husk cherries.

We got a lot of tomatoes! Our spoils at home.

More Lovelies!

We had quite a nice time out at the farm. What a lovely way to enjoy the season’s bounty. Hopefully this gives a peek of the festival for all those who couldn’t make it out due to the weather.

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