They’re Alive!

Yes indeedly, we are alive.  It was a rather busy week for us, with a wedding in Rhode Island, extra CSA distribution shifts, job interviews, friends visiting, and some fun food stuff!  Summer is high upon us, and we are gleefully beginning to feel he push of “preserve it now, you fool, winter is not that far away!”, though the 100 degree days could quickly make you forget winter.

So, let the preserving begin!  We have two new books, Tart and Sweet as well as Canning for a New Generation.  Both were impulse buys at Borders Books (rest in peace) with a $70.00 gift card I found on the street.  Nice right? And, I totally checked to see if anyone had dropped it before making off with the card.  I’m not all bad like that.

Anyhow, preserving!

Fennel! Laura adores fennel, and we saw two new reipes that looked great in our new preserving books.

Lemon zest and lemon juice from the lemons we can now purchase with no guilt for fennel pickles!

Splendid, no? We made sweet and savory lemon-fennel pickles, and they taste really great. Splendid for a pickle tray or a mezza platter.

Yes, I see some bubbles in our jars.  They just came out of the water bath, and were still simmering inside.  Laura has limited patience for food photograph.  Its cute, and she burns herself occasionally moving things to ‘just the right angle’.  I like the lemon slice in the jars, and I know those will be yummy, too.

Lacto-fermented cabbage - sauerkraut. So addictive and so easy with our fermentation crocks from Pickl-It. Yum!

Lato-fermented beets. Not so sure what to think about this one. They are an... acquired taste for sure.

You see those tomatoes in the background?  They soon came under inspection, and were not deemed to be as good as heirloom field tomatoes, but fabu saucing tomatoes.

Chippy-chopped ready to be cooked, sieved and canned for winter goodness.

Lots of tomato sauce. Its a little thin, but delicious nontheless. We canned it up plain, so it has no seasonings until we cook with it.

Finally, we are playing around with other forms of preserving, and making infusions is one of the easiest ways to capture the harvest.  We made blueberry vodka, and with that, made blueberry-vodka-sparkling-vanilla floats!

Crushed blueberries, blueberry vodka, sparkling water, vanilla ice cream. So nice on a warm evening.

Laura is away right now, but when she gets back, blueberries will be in full swing, corn abounding, peaches on the way, and blackberries practically jumping off the bushes.  Oh summer!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summertime!


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