As the moment moves you

Many times, I try to think of elaborate ways to cook meals consisting of the beautiful produce supplied by our CSA.  But sometimes, I over-think it, and forget how the produce is just wonderful simply on its own.

Cucumber and Radish.

For Friday, I made a simple snack of some of the delightful firsts of the season with a yummy dip.

Chopped Dill and Chopped Garlic Scape.

About 1 tbsp of minced garlic scape, 2 tbsp of chopped dill, a pinch of cumin and salt and pepper to taste in 1/2 cup of unsweetened yogurt, and a lovely thing is born.

Yogurt Dill Dip with carrots, cucumber and radish.

Sometimes it is through simplicity that we can more readily enjoy the joys of seasonal eating.  The first carrots and cucumbers of the season from our CSA.  Nom.

Whole wheat-Oatmeal toast with yogurt, fresh strawberries and honey. Simple and simply delicious.

It’s sometimes surprising just how good fresh produce is on its own or simply done.

I hope everyone is enjoying our seasonal bounty this weekend!

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