Photo-Parade of the Week

Hi there.  I suppose you haven’t heard from us for a week and were wondering what we were up to.  Well, we (I) took a nice break from blogging last week.  It was much-needed and much enjoyed.  We still ate lots of good food, and I still took a decent amount of pictures (this is now just a habit of mine- taking pictures of food and what I eat).  So, here is a nice photo-parade of our week, last week.

Whole-Wheat Bread Rolls.

I made a huge batch of bread last Monday using the Scotch Sponge Bread Method, care of Lauriel’s Kitchen’s “The Bread Book.” It is a really great old cookbook on all whole grain flour baking and breadmaking. It has become a new bible for me, and is perfect for those of us who want to cook with 100% whole grain flours, but are not crazy advanced artisanal bakers.  It has been wonderful for using the grain from Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain CSA that I mill myself.  I have been very happy with it, and have already learned a lot. Even more cool is that I found it at a charity used-book-sale for 3 dollars. Perhaps the best 3 dollars I’ve spent on our kitchen recently…

The Scotch sponge Method enables you to make different types of bread. Front is a rolled oat, oat-whole wheat bread, back is a rye boule.

Representative of all the types of bread I made. With this recipe (which has an overnight rising) I was able to make five equivalent loaves of bread, two whole wheat, 12 whole wheat rolls, one loaf rolled oat, and one rye boule. All really delicious.

I sliced and froze a lot of the bread for future use.

Dinner for last Monday: Broiled Edamame and Braised Hakurai Turnips, Ginger Garlic Spiced Greens (beet greens), and Kohlrabi Cilantro Sesame Oil Salad.

Steaming Baby Beets for Tuesday's Dinner. You have to admit, they are really beautiful.

I steamed the baby beets and mixed them with feta and lemon juice, and made a dressing of chopped mint, garlic and olive oil to put on top, and served it over cooked garlicky spelt berries along with leftover cooked brisket and creamed spinach.  Very simple and tasty.

Kohlrabi Greens. Part of my breakfasts for last week.

So, I kept on eating veggies for breakfast last week.  It was wonderful with all the produce from the Red Fire Farm CSA.

Breakfast: Sautéed Scallion, Hakurai Turnips and Radish or Kohlrabi Greens (all with a dash of soy sauce), served with Sophia's Yogurt with chopped Cilantro, a fried egg and whole wheat toast. Breakfast of champions, for sure.

Beautiful Radishes for Radish Raita for last Wednesday's Dinner.

Cooking down a can of tomatoes with scallion and spices for a saag (indian greens curry).

Wednesday's Dinner: Beet Green, Spinach, Radish and Kale Greens (all of our leftover greens really) Saag with Tofu, and Radish Raita and Cilantro garnish. Delish Indian Meal.

Strawberry, Ricotta, Mint Homemade Ice Cream. Served with Honey. Need I say more? Wow.

This was a great dessert ice cream, based off of this recipe, replacing lemon zest with chopped strawberries.

Last Thursday was our CSA distribution.  The second of the season.  It was quite wonderful.  The weather was lovely, the driver was pretty well on time.  I got to see a lot of our wonderful CSA members without being too harried.  Got to spend time chatting about food, enjoying the weather and the beautiful produce.  Chatted with Glenn about politics, and received a really wonderful present from Barbara and Chuck: “The Wisdom of the Radish.”  I am scrambling to get through my present read so I can start it, because it looks really good!  It was a wonderful community time, and really a great treat in my week.

We also got lots of beautiful produce: Napa Cabbage, Broccoli, Beets with their Greens, Endive (frisee), Dill, Garlic Scapes, Cilantro, Oregano, Lettuce, Salad Greens, Spinach, and Strawberries.  Yum!

We haven’t had a lot of chances to use all of these lovely produce items since Theresa’s mother and step father came to visit us this weekend and we ate out a lot (which is sort of nice now that we are off of the challenge) but we managed to eat a bit of it here and there.

Garlic Scape, Beet Green, and Spinach Frittata with roasted mini beets as garnish, and some Italian Grace Cheese.

Thin whole wheat pancakes for yummy fillings.One savory, one sweet filling. Sweet: Sophia's Yogurt and Cherry Jam. Savory: Cream Cheese with Garlic Scapes, Endive and Blue Cheese.

The savory pancake was filled to the brim with endive, and so I sort of ate it like a taco.

I have to say that the combination of cream cheese, with raw chopped garlic scapes, endive and blue goat cheese (amazing thing from Westfield Farm) was simply divine.  Would make a salad out of it too.  Or a sandwich.  Nom.

Salad Greens for Sunday Lunch.

Sunday Lunch: Steamed Beets in Vinegar served over Salad Greens with a Creamy Dressing (Creme, Cream Cheese, Yogurt, Blue Cheese, Raw Chopped Garlic Scapes) and served with Effie's Oatcakes. Nom.

So that was our week in food for you.  Pretty tasty, with more tasty to come.

Blog Plans:

After my brief hiatus from blogging I am planning on posting regularly again.  This time, now that the food challenge is over, I intend to do things a little differently.

  • I still plan to post a food parade weekly, which will document some of our meals.
  • I will also post about ideas for using the produce in each week’s CSA share (a list of meal ideas, how to store and use some vegetables).  This will either be in combination or separate from a post about an item of produce of the week (I have yet to decide);  I will focus on a particular produce item from the CSA and how to use it, ideas and recipes.
  • Lastly, Theresa will post once a week on a local food product.

So, about 3-4 posts per week.  A bit less than before, which might be nice as a little change of format.  We will see how it goes.  Please let us know what you think.  My hope is to make the blog more helpful for CSA members, and make it higher quality overall.  We will also see how well I adhere to the new format….

Till then, cherio! Happy Monday!

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