Photo Parade of Our Weekend

Although we are finished with the challenge, I think that a photo-parade of our weekend still seems appropriate.  Here is what we did and ate this weekend:

The makings of Friday Lunch.

I didn’t make enough food for lunch for myself on Thursday so I treated myself to some fresh produce from the Red Fire Farm CSA distribution (green onion, hakurei turnips, cilantro, radishes, turnip greens and spinach, and kohlrabi too).

I sautéed the turnips, radish, and green onion in some bacon grease.

I added the chopped greens and a dash of soy sauce, and let the greens wilt.  Then I cooked an egg in a little well made in the pan of veggies.

I then broiled it briefly to finish cooking the egg.

I also wanted to try some of the kohlrabi- something I have been looking forward to for a while.

I sliced a kohlrabi up. This is a purple kohlrabi in the process of being skinned. The bottom left has all of the skin removed, the top right still has some skin fibers that need removing before eating, unless you really really want extra fiber.

Friday Lunch: sautéed Radishes, Hakurai Turnips, Spinach and Turnip Greens with a fried egg. Served with chopped cilantro on top, cheesy biscuit and sliced kohlrabi with Appalachian Natural's Tamarind Lime Dressing as a dip.

How about that for using just about all of the types of produce from the share in one go.  (Just lacking lettuce and kale).

Making pasta for Friday dinner.

Broccoli Rabe from Grateful Farm.

Friday Salad: Baby Beet Greens with Mint, Lemon Juice and Feta.

Friday Dinner: Garlic Sauteed Broccoli Rabewith Lemon Zest over whole wheat pasta with a side of White Beans Cooked with Dandelion Greens, and baby beet green salad.

Our Saturday Allandale Grocery Shopping "splurge"

We tried grocery shopping without any slots planned, anything like that.  We told ourselves,’ this weekend, we can go wild’. And you know… this is what we bought from the Allandale Farmstand after wandering around and feeling very very strange…. We ended getting two items that we couldn’t get on the challenge (unidentified dried garlic) and anchovies.  The rest of our buys would have filled three slots….. I think it will take some time to acclimate ourselves to not being on the challenge.  And also balance out all of our wants along with limits of our budget and waistlines….But you we all could have guessed that we weren’t going to let go of our beloved local goodies any time soon.

We did splurge on a strawberry almond apple scone from Canto 6 bakery care of Allandale Farm. It looks good, yes, it WAS good.

Saturday lunch was leftovers of the pasta and beans from the nice before.  I thought I’d make a ‘little side salad,’ which in the end came to giant salads with spinach, baby beet greens, lettuce, hakurai turnips, radishes, and a mayo-blue cheese dressing.  Nom.

The Veggie Nazi strikes again.

For dinner, we went out.  This part of being off the challenge is much easier. 🙂 But we did come home and make dessert.

Saturday Dessert: Stewed Rhubarb covered in light cream. With pound cake and fresh strawberries served on top.

Sunday Breakfast: A hurried but good affair of rolled oats, melted butter and honey and fresh strawberries.

Sunday Lunch: Unleavened whole wheat and rye pancakes (sort of like crepes) filled with cream cheese, radish, spinach and blue cheese, and then butter, fresh strawberries and chopped chocolate. Nom.

For Dinner we had set Brisket from Stillman’s Farm to cook in the crockpot, with mustard and roasted tomatoes during the day, and so we just needed to make some veggie sides. I got started on Kale chips, Theresa got started on mashed kohlrabi.

Sunday Dinner: Braised Brisket, with Mashed Kohlrabi, Sauerkraut (Real Pickles), and Kale Chips. Nom.

Sunday Dessert: Strawberry Upside Down Rhubarb Honey Cake. Double Nom, served with homemade whipped cream.

And that was our weekend in food.  I hope for those out there participating in the Red Fire Farm CSA got a few novel ideas for cooking with your produce shares.

Happy Monday!

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