The End?

So, this is it.  The end of our year long challenge to eat a pretty strict locavore diet.

What can we say?  We’d like to say that it has been a success. We diligently followed our principled eating rules for the year, minus some visits to family in Florida, and a few unprincipled visits to an ice cream shop (we’re New Englanders… what can we say?). Other than that, this year has been a very successful and rewarding dive into our regional food system.

Now that it is over?

Well, we now don’t have to figure out our slots for the week, and grocery shop accordingly.  We don’t have restrictions anymore on what we buy or if we go out to eat.  It actually is rather mind bending……  I still cannot internalize the fact that there aren’t any restrictions anymore….

Blogging: What about the Blog?

Well, we’re still going to blog.  But probably not every day in the same food reporting style that we have been.  I might take a break on putting up posts at some point and actually work on our website (like our resources page-it really needs it) and we might post two to three times a week instead of five. I’ve been thinking of doing posts more centered around particular seasonal produce and local foods.  As the CSA season gets going, I’d like to do posts addressing how to store and use particular produce items, and hopefully have complete recipes to share.  We’ll keep you posted as the blog evolves, or you can just keep tuned in and see.

Locavore Life: Are we going to be locavores still?

Well, yes.  Of course.

We were locavores before we began, just…. amateurs.  Now…. well, we’ve discovered so much by way of amazing local food resources that we are rearing to get into more local food.  I think we just might relax about it a little.

Truth be told, this year has very thoroughly changed our way of looking at food, and how we procure it, and we aren’t going back to the old way anytime soon.  I think becoming a strict locavore for a year has actually really convinced us that eating local food is something we want to center our lives around for the long term. Not only for our health, environment, and local economy, but also as a part of community, and really aligning our values with our lifestyle.

Of course, there will be minor changes in our diets.  We will probably begin to buy some non-local items in small quantities, like olives, fish sauce, and tea, and buy items like Taza chocolate without any bounds.  But we don’t expect to go crazy.  We actually really like the principled local staples we have found this year.  We also would like to try different local products without having to diligently research everything about them beforehand (this became tedious “does their business plan, ingredient procurement, and processing really reflect our values?”).  You know sometimes you see a local product, you meet the producer, it looks good, and you know, you want to try it!  So, in some ways going off the principled food challenge will let us get to know a little more local products by matter of convenience.

Reflection:  Are you going to write about your experiences?

I intend to write some small posts about what we learned and experienced during our year.  We learned so many lessons about life and food along this journey that I think some of them should be shared, beyond those that we have already shared on the blog.

Thanks: After this year, I think that a great many thanks are in order.  After patting ourselves on the backs for our year well done, we’d like to thank many people who made this possible.  Firstly, all of the amazing people in our communities that dedicate their lives to nourishment, not only literally, but figuratively.  Our local food producers work passionately to provide something wholesome and good to their communities, often while facing many difficulties.  It is not an easy life for many, and I must say that we utterly give our thanks to all of the amazing people who have really kept us alive and well fed during the past year.

We’d also like to thank all of our friends, online and in person.  All of the great people out there who have been supportive, have shared their ideas, and love of food.  We would have had to struggle doing this in a vacuum and probably would have stopped blogging had you all not provided insight and support.

We give our grateful thanks to all of you.

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4 Responses to The End?

  1. nruit says:

    Thank you both for doing this! Even as a local (to midcoast Maine) food producer I have a difficult time keeping it totally local. You both are a real inspiration!

    My two total downfal non-ocal items are olive oil and coffee…

    • Thank you, Nina for following along and being a great support and source of ideas. We certainly will be enjoying some tea and chocolate and the non local like for a while, as sort of a prize to win at the end of our challenge. However, I think we will be eating these items in far smaller quantity than before, just because we found we certainly could make do or find great substitutes for most. Thanks for hanging in there with us throughout this whole crazy endeavor!

  2. cheryl says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your adventures. Yes, ya’ll were a success and should be very proud of what you have done. I thank you for sharing you trials and tribulations, you photos, whit and knowledge, oh, yes, and the recipes. Good luck with life and play safe. Cheryl

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