First CSA Distribution of the Season!

Yesterday, the first Red Fire Farm CSA distribution went off with a bang.  Quite literally.  Maybe even a few really large bangs that rang out over Brighton as lightning slashed down upon the city.  🙂

The CSA distribution was a little hectic.  The truck was really late, it was really hot and then it thunderstormed impressively.

The weather turned really south half way through the distribution. Though beautiful.

I happened to get a broken tent for CSA supplies (only partly broken and easily fixable).  And then we got high winds from the thunderstorm.

Me holding the tent down as heavy wind threatened to blow it away.

I have to say that maybe I was a bit strung out this first distribution.  It took a long time to actually get the distribution organized and out of a state of disarray.  And everyone who picked up their share later got pretty drenched.

However, it was very successful in other regards.  We still got lovely produce out to everyone, and so many great members, new and old came by and helped out (helped unload the truck, helped me organize and get things under the tent when it began to rain).  Glenn brought us a supply kit to handle the rain and bad weather, Barbara brought us cool water to drink.  Naomi and I finished plans for us to garden a plot on their property.  It was truly a community building event.  For that, I am thankful for all the support and patience of this year’s CSA members.

However, I am hoping next week might be a little less hectic and members will be able to enjoy getting their produce without too many hiccups.

Nonetheless, we got produce.  And oh did we get produce.  Lovely produce…… the type you can only get from Red Fire Farm picked that day.  I will only share a few pictures now. We got lettuce, green garlic/onions, kohlrabi, cilantro, radishes/hakurei turnips, beet greens/ spinach, and kale.  For fruit, strawberries (nom!) and eggs already for egg shares.

Kohlrabi and their greens.

Red Lettuce. We got two heads of lettuce this week.


When we got home, we were pretty hungry, wet and exhausted.  Luckily yesterday morning I had put together a meal of cooked oatgroats, steamed red mustard greens, stir fried chicken, green garlic, and hakurei turnips in a soy-vinegar-honey sauce, and garnished it with cilantro and sesame oil. I also made more cheese biscuits which had helped us through the CSA distribution.

I have to say we’re still adjusting to this whole CSA distribution happening on Thursdays.  This morning we woke up pretty groggy and  had pretty much nothing but vegetables to eat in the house.  No idea what to do for breakfast.  So, we melted together some honey and butter and poured it over rolled oats and cut strawberries.  It was perhaps the best breakfast ever.  Maybe not.  But still very good.  Very tasty.  I would recommend it even if you aren’t in a pinch.

Rolled Oats, Honey, Butter, Fresh Strawberries.

I’m not sure what I’ll be having for lunch.  I didn’t make enough dinner food for lunch for both of us, so I will probably be eating biscuits with some lovely fresh veggie crudities.  Just need to manage a dipping sauce.

We have decided that we are off of our local challenge, or finished, but we haven’t had time to go grocery shopping or really anything off of the challenge.  That’s fine.  We intend to go grocery shopping soon.  It is still a strange feeling.

I was going to post the end of our principled food year today, but since we’re still pretty much going along within the bounds of the challenge I’m going to wait to post tomorrow, which is the actual true last day of the challenge (if you remember we started our principled food year last June 11th).

Happy Friday Everyone!

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