Blazing Hot Spells, CSA Distributions and Possible Hail. Ice Cream.

So Laura and I are loosely counting today as the last day of our local food year, it being the first CSA distribution today.  Its a few days off from the exact date of last year, but we are being flexible in the spirit of the thing.  We’ve learned a lot of flexibility over the last year, how to roll with what we have, what is available, and that fact that, no matter what the cookbooks may say, asparagus, peas, fava beans, baby carrots and  fiddle heads cannot all be gotten at the same time.  Maybe if you have a joyous British countryside garden, but not in New England.

Anyhow, the CSA is today, Woo!  Also featuring today are hell-hot temperatures in the upper 90’s, severe thunderstorm warnings with accompanying hails and lots of lightning.  This morning is misleading, with appetizer thunderstorms bringing the temperatures down into the 70’s, cool breezes and overcast skies.  We all know that as soon as the clouds part, a heat wave will bear down on us and make Laura grumpy.

As yesterday was hot as well, dinner was a quick and simple affair with little stove time.  Another round of lentil burgers made an appearance, this time with a feta-(frozen) tomato salad and tahini dressing.

Pretty little radishes!

The radishes were small and sweet, and were lovely dipped in tahini sauce.

Tahini, lemon juice, garlic, salt and water.

Simple and delish.  The tomatoes were still a little frozen, which made the salad really refreshing on a hot evening.  It may sound strange, but it really worked well.

For dessert, we had a debate.  Laura had made super popsicles that afternoon…

Rhubarb cooking with apple cider concentrate and water.

Frozen Orange Peel to add to the Rhubarb.

Popsicle Coming together: A Blend of cooked rhubarb, orange peel, apple cider concnetrate, lemon juice, and frozen cranberries.

Popsicles in the making.

The recipe was inspired by Local Kitchen’s popsicles.   They look splendid, but we opted for a different dessert.

Maple Valley Ice Cream kindly left us a comment about their Maple Bacon Ice Cream, and we were intrigued, if disappointed that the flavor season was coming to a close.  Lo and behold, though, our Whole Foods had it, and we dove for opportunity.

Mmm... pancakes in an ice cream form... vegetarian dinner, meaty dessert?

Are we strange? A little.  It was good though.

It also means we have these little beauties for this evening, after a long hot day with the CSA.

Finished/frozen rhubarb cranberry popsicles


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2 Responses to Blazing Hot Spells, CSA Distributions and Possible Hail. Ice Cream.

  1. I know you’re super busy with distribution and such, but I hope we can chat soon! I’m coming up fairly soon, so I’d love to talk it over with the two of you! Talk to me when it’s not so crazy, tomorrow I think would be best but I can schedule in some other time, or later tonight if you’re not too exhausted 😀
    Love you, miss you! Can’t wait to see you!!!

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