Chicken, Pea Shoots, and Shortbread…

A little uninspired post title if you ask me.  But we will move on from that.

Theresa made dinner last night, I helped prep things, like roast a chicken and soak oat groats.  Theresa came home and coordinated the rest.  She used the roasted chicken (which I roasted with lots of salt, pepper, fresh chopped chives, green garlic, parsley and dried thyme) pea shoots (young growth from the pea plans-greens that taste like peas) and an oat groat summer savory (the herb) pilaf. The result was quite tasty.

The roasted chicken. It took a bit longer to roast, because it hadn't thawed fully. So, we ate cheese and blueberry jam until it was finished. 🙂

Dinner: Roasted Herbed Chicken Leg, Lemony Pea Shoots, and Summer Savory Oat Pilaf.

It was a very simple and tasty meal.  The more exciting part of dinner was making dessert.  I had tried making shortbread cookies over the weekend, but abandoned them and they burnt (not so badly that we didn’t eat them, but enough to not include them in a full dessert).  So, I tried to make them again, and they turned out very well.  Theresa had an idea and put pieces of Taza Baking Chocolate on the cookies when they were cooling.

Shortbread Cookies (amassed as one before breaking them up) with Taza Chocolate Baking Squares on top.

And then the chocolate melted.

And my was it beautiful. And the chocolate was spread over the cookies.

And the Chocolate Shortbread Cookies were served with the last of the ginger cardamom gelato.

And they all lived happily ever after.

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