Food Parade of Our Weekend

Nice weekend.  Lovely weather.  Good food:

Easter Radishes from Atlas Farm.

I started out Friday stopping at Copley’s Farmers Market to pickup food for dinner.  The market was hopping, it was a lovely day, and I managed to snag these beautiful radishes in hues of white, red and purple.   I also got some parsley, string cheese from Fiore Di Nonno (yum!), some honey and flowers.

A small bouquet of flowers that I assembled at Old Friends Farm tent at the market. If you work near Copley, and like arranging flowers, I'd definitely recommend you head on over one lunch time. I watched a rather forlorn looking office working become transformed into this joyful being that became one with the gorgeous bouquet that she carefully assembled. Not bad for a mid Friday reprieve from cubicle land.

I then needed to make dinner later that evening.  I had gotten a radish pasta recipe from Sarah Raven’s “In Season” that I had wanted to try, and this seemed like the opportune time.

Thinly sliced radishes.

Lots of green garlic!

Hearts of Butter Lettuce from Siena Farms for salad: Heads of lettuce with butter salad. 🙂

The resulting Pasta, Green Garlic and Radish dish.

Now, the final test.  Will Theresa like it?  The last time I served her a meal with radish being the central vegetable, she cried and didn’t speak to me for a while…….. So I made sure to serve the pasta with shredded Italian Grace Cheese from Chase Hill Farm, chopped parsley (a little risky, she doesn’t necessarily like that either…) and a little bit of crumbled bacon.

Friday Dinner: Pasta with Radish and Green Garlic, served with Parsley, Shredded Cheese, and Bacon.

The final result was really good.  The radishes were still crunchy but really mild.  It passed Theresa’s approval, which meant that this radish dish is quite suitable for the non-crazed-radish fans. The hearts of butter lettuce, though that I used to make salad were way bitter- way way bitter.  So we tried them and set them aside to try cooking them for later. Overall though, a very nice Friday meal.

Saturday Breakfast: Whole Wheat Pancakes. Nom.

Served with Honeyed Butter and Cherry Preserves, and with a side of Marion help.

We next stopped at the first of the year’s Morse School Farmers Market in Cambridgeport.  We picked up a mighty fine selection of produce.

Broccoli Rabe, More Radishes, Purple Mustard Greens, Rhubarb, Asparagus, Spring Onions, Dandelion Greens, Eggs, Spearmint, and a peppermint plant.

We started warming up lunch and steeped from fresh tarragon leaves in an old honey jar for making tarragon lemonade.

Saturday Lunch: We had leftovers from the night before: Radish Pasta, but this time we served it with the string cheese from Fiore Di Nonno. Good string cheese, I might say.

Getting ready for Saturday dinner: Chervil. If you have ever enjoyed chervil, you will now it is a really unique and delish herb. I really do encourage your try it sometime.

We began making dinner. We wanted to eat asparagus, and we wanted a simple meal.  So, we dug into our herb garden and got some chervil for making chervil butter (chopped chervil, butter, and raw garlic). We blanched some asparagus, and poached eggs, and voila, dinner.

Saturday Dinner Salad: Cooked Hearts of Butter Lettuce with Butter, Blue Cheese and Bacon. An excellent way to eat the hearts of butter lettuce: we pan cooked it in butter and it became very mild.

Saturday Dinner: Asparagus with Chervil Butter and a Poached Egg. Nom.

After dinner, Theresa finished knitting her first pair of socks! Pretty awesome.

Saturday Dessert in the making: Chopped Rhubarb, Ginger and Orange Zest, coated in a mixture of lemon juice and apple cider concentrate and baked for about 15 minutes.

Saturday Dessert: Rhubarb-Ginger-Anise Sauce served with Maple's Ginger Cardamom Gelato. Nom!

Sunday morning we ate the last of our bread as toast with honeyed butter, leftover bacon, and cheese (not all together, on separate half slices of toast). And for lunch we went to Nourish Restaurant in downtown Lexington.  It is right next to where I tutor and it is a local-fair-food restaurant.  So, we decided to check it out, especially since we had two slots to spare and no leftovers for lunch.  We were not disappointed.  It was good food, not to the utmost extreme of local-fair-food, but still very good.  Our Sunday afternoon was nicely spent.

I spent time making bread.

Fought with a resistant dough for a while.

Theresa organized her knitting needles and then made dinner.

Sunday dinner: Mexican Salad: Black Beans, Oat Groats cooked in Tomato Juice, Tomato-Cilantro Salsa, Greens, Radishes, and Queso Blanco. Quite tasty. We also shared the first cherry tomato that ripened from our garden.

And lastly, I got to enjoy homemade whole wheat bread for breakfast this morning. Nom.

It was a very nice weekend.  We have quite a week coming up this week.  Our Local Food Challenge Ends and the first Red Fire Farm CSA Distribution is this Thursday!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Nina says:

    Hope you keep blogging after the end of your year long challenge!

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