Simple and Delicious

The weather changed dramatically after the major thunderstorms that swept through the state, going from a mid-summer hot and humid to a perfect early June, late spring loveliness.  The weather dabbles in the low 70s during the day, the sky is clear and vividly blue, and it can get quite warm in the sun.  Perfect for lots of walks, growing produce, and simple spring meals.

Laura tutored one student last night, and had a ‘pre-dinner’ dinner to get her to when I would get home to cook.  Luckily, her pre-dins left me with a lovely snack to get me through making dinner without eating all of the fruit leather in the dehydrator.

Biscuits before baking.

Cheesy, oniony, dilly biscuits. Noms.

Chive-Dill Whole Wheat Biscuits with Bitter Gouda

Do you see that toasted cheese?  Do you?!  There is really not much more delightful than a good sharp cheese, toasted into almost crackery goodness.  A delightful surprise to discover these waiting for me upon getting home.

Laura's pre-dinner: Chive-Dill-Cheese Biscuit with Pickles and Radish and Blue Cheese Salad

That looks tasty for sure.

But, when I got home, I had plans for a jar of lentils that had been left to soak on the counter for the day.  As usual, the little lovelies, from Baer’s Best Beans, had begun to sprout, and were crisp and fresh tasting when I was ready to use them.

So, into the food processor went 1 cup lentils, soaked and sprouted, one egg, one small green onion, one slice of toasted/stale bread and some salt and pepper.  Blend those together until is makes a paste that holds together into patties.  I cooked my patties in some canola oil on the stove, until crisp and brown on both sides.

For a side, I sauteed two bunches of turnip greens with garlic and butter.  Mmmm, garlic and butter.  Top it all off with the last of the blue cheese and add a side of pickles, and that was our dinner!

Lentil burger with turnip greens and blue cheese.

For dessert, Laura was itching to bake again.  For some reason, the weather has gotten warmer, and Laura wants to heat up the whole house making baked goods.  Does this make sense? No. But it does make for some pretty nice desserts.

Cocoa cupcakes

Cocoa cupcakes, made with a halved recipe from Nikki and David.  The flour was more coarsely ground than our regular flour, and the cupcakes were crumbly and really delightfully textured.  I personally would have loved to have a healthy dollop of frosting on those babies, but we have a little maple syrup, no honey, no sugar and our butter is getting low.  I think we may need to go shopping.

Happy Friday everyone!

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2 Responses to Simple and Delicious

  1. Tammy McLeod says:

    After looking at your cheesy biscuits and lentil burger I have to log-off and eat. What great meal ideas.

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