Miso, Storms, and Cake


Last night Theresa made us a lovely meal of miso soup.  This was a very lucky thing, since I had to work in the evening, and it just so happened that Theresa could fill in cooking duties for the evening.  Unexpected, but very nice. And it was tasty.

Miso Soup with Tofu, Hon Tsai Tai, Green Garlic and Onion, Seaweed and Shiitake Mushrooms.

She also made a repeat of my raw baby bok choy and radish salad from before, this time using hakurei turnips.

Chopped Raw Baby Bok Choy and Harukei Turnips with soy sauce, vinegar, honey and sesame oil. Very refreshing.

It was a very pretty meal.

Storms and Cake:

After dinner we were treated to a fireworks-display-grade electrical storm.  Heavy rain, some wind and tons of thunder and lightning.  It was impressive enough that we just turned off the lights in our place and stood at the windows watching.  It was beautiful, really.  Though dangerous. Apparently western MA was hit with a ton of tornadoes, with serious damage done to the Springfield area… they are already listing deaths.  Very serious.   It was beautiful as it passed over us, by this time quite a bit less dangerous.

This type of a storm takes up your evening experience, and it makes me think of thunder cake.  If you’ve ever read the book Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco you might be familiar with the story.  I grew up with that book, and now when a big storm comes in I want to make cake. Amazing how complex stories can become rather simple instinctual associations later in life.  Storm=cake.  Well, at least it’s better than my hurricane food associations.  Hurricane=canned food and bottled water.

Well, we heard the thunder in the distance and saw the radar.  I mixed up a yogurt pound cake batter from a Nikki and David Goldbeck Recipe (good recipe by the way), and set it to bake as we watched the lightning display.  By the time the storm had mostly passed (a quickly moving storm) the cake was done.

And my was it cute. We made little mini cakes in little ramekins.

We put ground cherry preserves on top and enjoyed the sound of distant thunder along with really tender and delicious cake.

Yogurt Pound Cake with Ground Cherry Preserves. Super yum.

Either way, the storm was something to be appreciated, and revered. Something to make you be still and observant.   As I ate ground cherry preserves made from ground cherries grown on Red Fire Farm, I thought about the farmers out in Granby and hoped that they and the farm fared the storm alright.  I hope to get an update from them soon.

Either way, it was a very nice evening for us soup, cake, storm and all.  I hope that everyone out there is doing alright and managed to weather the storm.

[PS:  Sarah says everyone at Red Fire Farm is doing fine and there was no major damage on the Farm.  Always good to hear.]

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