Southern Style

Farmers Market Update: yesterday I managed to get down to Copley’s Farmers Market to peruse the wares.  A new item to hit the market: hakurei turnips (asian salad radishes is what one vendor called them).

Farmers Market Loot: Hakurei Turnips, Green Garlic, and Dill.

If you haven’t had them, try them.  They are sweet, mild and radishy, and the greens are spicy and delish.  I expect to see them soon from the Red Fire Farm CSA. Also new to the market this week: a lot of people are selling cilantro now.

Moving on… last night we had a more southern style meal.  Now sure why, I think it was the collards that made us feel more in that food genre.  I began preparing dinner the night before by soaking beans.

Yellow Eyed Beans from Baer's Best. Very pretty.

I then cooked the beans with a ham hock and with green garlic in the crockpot for the day on low.

Nom.... collards.

I cooked green garlic in bacon grease, added some leftover chopped bacon and then sautéed the collards.

Lots of beautiful salad greens from Red Fire Farm for a side salad.

Dinner Served: Yellow Eyed Beans with Hamhock Pork and Green Garlic, Collards with Bacon and a Molasses Biscuit. Served with a simple green side salad.

We had a very nice dinner together out on our porch, and dinner was very tasty. A lovely evening.

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1 Response to Southern Style

  1. Nina says:

    Inspiring as always! I have just discovered that all of my friends who are native Mainers swear by the yellow eye beans for traditional baked beans. First time I have ever cooked them and we love them :*)

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