PhotoParade of Our Weekend

Long PhotoParade of our Long Weekend, I should say.

The weekend started off with me going off to Red Fire Farm for the annual CSA Coordinator Meeting.   We go to ride around the Farm and see how things are growing, already seeing squash blossoms, strawberries are soon to come, lots of greens and the promise of a nice beginning of season (fingers crossed).  All the CSA coordinators for the different sites got to meet or meet up again, and we got to talk about food and life, and well, it was just sort of great.  I got into a great conversation with Jess (coordinator for Amherst) about Violet Jelly….. nom!  So, it was really great AND I got to pick up some food from the Farm Stand.  A winning occasion, with the exception that I didn’t take any pictures of the farm… silly me.   Of course, I did take a picture of my loot.

Red Fire Farm stand loot: Sidehill Farm Yogurt, Red Fire Farm Eggs, Cheese from Robinson and Chase Hill Farm, Trinity Farm Butter, Collards, Spinach, Lacinato Kale, Green Garlic, Rosemary and Chives.

The chive blossoms are beautiful, and very strong!

Friday Dinner: Theresa whipped up a great dinner: A little round of Polenta served on top of sautéed Greens with Chorizo Sausage and Green Garlic and garnished with Roasted Peppers and a Chive blossom. Nom!

Saturday Morning was made possible by these amazing things: Oatgroat pancakes. Cooked Oatgroats, plus some flour and egg and liquid an baking powder and voila, awesome pancakes.The oatgroats made a lovely texture to these pancakes, and very oaty.

The butter used on the pancakes came from Trinity Farm. It was very delicious, strong and very cow flavor, and a good bit of salt. Very special, we quite like!

Saturday Lunch: A repeat of Friday's dinner, Polenta Round with Chorizo sautéed Greens and Roasted Peppers.

And then our Saturday afternoon had some pet-based excitement…..

Wet little kitty feet....

It got warm enough to bathe the cats, and oh did we.

Or perhaps we just realized that we had been housing a rather leggy large rat in our home for years now. (Shera angrily stalking away after her dignity has been thoroughly abused).

However, our cats are now much cleaner. 🙂

I also managed to make some fruit leather from our preserves: Mixed Berry (strawberry, blackberry ,blueberry), raspberry red currant and yellow watermellon jelly fruit leathers.... simply addictive, portable, and good ways to eat the rest of our jam.

On Saturday night, I managed to mismanage our time and making pasta was not going to happen (the flour was not yet ground, rather, the wheatberries were not even dry…) so we decided to indulge and get take out sushi from a sushi restaurant that we’re able to walk to, and apparently has good reviews.

Saturday Night Dinner: Sushi. Pretty good sushi at that, though not quite up to our multigrain rice standard of Genki-Ya.

We made Sparkling Water-Black Currant cordial Drinks with Frozen Cherries as ice to go along with dinner.

And finally, late that evening all the flour was milled.

Sunday Morning Entailed a Very Hearty Breakfast.

Sunday Breakfast: Eggs poached in Oatgroats in a Tomato Sauce over Kale, served with chived Angelito. The whole thing was broiled in the end, and it gave it a lovely texture, not only for the egg, but the greens became kale-chip like... mmm good.

Midday Sunday Smoothie (a lovely snack Theresa made for be in between work) Frozen Strawberries (the last!) rolled oats, yogurt and maple syrup. Nom!

For sunday, Theresa tried making pasta for the first time, and she even did something more, she made stinging nettle pasta!

Stinging Nettles, Egg, Oil, some flour all in the food processor made this lovely green paste. Apparently food processing makes the nettles no longer sting, even though they are raw....

Delightfully Dark Green Stinging Nettle Linguini!

We made a sauce with chives, the rest of the stinging nettles (blanched) and bacon.

Sunday Dinner: Stinging Nettle Pasta served with Cooked Stinging Nettles, Garlic, Chives and Bacon, garnished with Ricotta.

Monday Breakfast: The rest of the stinging nettle pasta with salad greens and a fried egg.

Radishes for our lunch.

Brit-wiches!  “British Tea Sandwiches”  We took some traditional tea sandwiches and made them very hippy.

Monday Lunch: Radish, Mayo and Pepper sandwich.

Cucumber, Peppercress, Ricotta Sandwich.

We also had a bacon, butter and chive sandwich in there too.  We served it with sliced cucumber and pickled beets, green beans and cucumbers.  All served with chilled mint tea.  Nom!

I think a lot thicker slices of cucumber than anyone in Britain would use for tea sandwiches..

We took ourselves to the zoo on Monday and had lunch with a peacock, who only begged a little.

More smoothies.... I think the hot weather very much called for them.

I worked Monday evening so Theresa made herself dinner, and I mostly ate fruit leather, so good!

Monday Dinner: Tomato Soup with Chives, Spinach, Edamame and Ricotta.

And that was our weekend in food.  Nom.  And just for all you Red Fire Farm CSA members out there, the first distribution is next week!

Happy Tuesday!

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2 Responses to PhotoParade of Our Weekend

  1. Glenn Berger says:

    Great weekend. Can’t wait to see you two on Thursday. Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing too much of Lorraine this year although I am BEGGING her to take off a few Thursday afternoons to visit with our Lovely Ladies. Just so you know Lorraine has been following you avidly and reporting in to me all winter. Laura did this… Theresa that, good conversation.

    We were in Chicago last week (for a special Frank Lloyd Wright weekend) which I’ll tell you about later… Anyway, you would not believe how committed the mid-western population is to eating locally. Of course they do share in the wealth of our fertile heartland!

    Laura, I hope your mother is doing better. Our thoughts are with you, perhaps more than you might imagine.

    And washing the cat?? See you soon. – Glenn

    • Hi Glenn,

      Thanks! We’re very excited to see you too! One of the wonderful perks of the CSA starting back up. It is very sad that Lorraine won’t be able to come as often…. please do encourage her to come by every so often. We’d love to see her. We’d also love to do something with you two sometime.

      Glad to hear you could partake in the Midwest local food movement, I have heard it is quite something.

      Well, looking forward to seeing you on Thursday- maybe we’ll touch upon our cat washing habit while we enjoy the beginning of the season’s bounty.


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