Greek, Nettle, and well… greens

I think I’ve been ‘feeling it’ less for blogging and more for cooking, due to the abundance of delicious fresh spring produce.  So, I will treat you to another montage of cooking yesterday’s meal: Greek Sausage with Goat Cheese-Nettle Calzone and Tzatziki.

First thing, early in the day, make the calzone dough. I've recently gotten a new bread book, and have been loving it... more about that later.

Greek Style Lamb Sausage from Stillman's Turkey Farm. Before being cooked into mouth watering deliciousness.

Stinging Nettles from Siena Farms. They are gorgeous, and taste similar to spinach, but do bite! They have silica spines that are filled with an acid that will certainly make you burn. To deactivate, simply blanch.

Blanching produces stingless nettles and also this lovely green nettle tea, which apparently has multitudes of health benefits. It also tastes good in my opinion.

Crystal Brook Farm Goat Cheese mixed with minced green garlic, chopped oregano, salt and pepper.

Goat Cheese and Chopped Up Blanched Nettles layered on top of the calzone dough.I decided to try something a little different and put an even layer of filling on top and roll the calzone into a roll.The resulting baked calzone roll was very pretty...

But the dough inside the roll was a little too moist for my taste.

The final meal: The Goat Cheese-Nettle Calzone and Greek Lamb Sausage with a side of Tzatziki (cucumbers, with garlic, mint, yogurt, salt and pepper) and greens tossed in salad creme.

Dinner was rather filling, so we had Nettle Tea with honey for dessert.

A very tasty dinner, I must say.  Tonight will entail some Theresa cooking, and me being away all evening at work.  So, we will have another night of two separate meals.

Happy Thursday!

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