Spring Means More Quiche

Well, lots of green garlic, scallions, leek, and spinach makes for a nice quiche if you ask me.  Allow me to share another lovely spring quiche montage.

My trusty old pie crust. Really easy, 3/4 cup whole wheat flour, salt, 2 tbsp butter, make a crumb, add enough yogurt to make a good dough. Spread or roll as needed.

Rehydrating arugula for side salads. Atlas farm uses these great bags (with pores) for their greens, but sometimes I find their greens dry out a bit in my fridge in these bags. To use the greens, since they haven't gone bad, I just soak them in room temperature water for an hour before use.

Chopping scallion, and these thin green garlicky things that are sold as herbs... not really chives, more likely a pat of green garlic.

Cooked alliums (things of the onion and garlic family) green garlic, scallions, chives... you get the idea.

Eggs. Look at the tiny poulet egg yolks (and how their white is colored too!) from Allandale Farm compared to the big yolks from Stillman's. Really quite beautiful. I usually use around 4 big or 6 small eggs.

Alliums and ripped spinach covered in beaten eggs and milk in the prebaked crust (350 for about 10 minutes). I usually use about a cup of milk, and try to salt it appropriately.... always don't salt it enough.

This is Bittery Buttery Gouda from Narragansett Creamery. Actually really unique and good. Very bitter- like arugula bitter, but goes well with lots of things. I decided to sprinkle it on top of my quiche half way through baking.

After about 40-50 minutes of baking at 350 F, it emerges, beautiful.

Eaten with a side salad with little radishes- man those mild spring radishes are to die for!

And that is another foray into spring quiche making.  I hope everyone out there is enjoying the lovely spring goodies.

My Copley Farmers Market Loot. Dinner for tonight.

I got to stop by Copley’s Farmers Market yesterday, aren’t I so lucky?  I picked up more bounty for dinner tonight.  I’m very excited.  Cucumber, greek lamb sauasage, goat cheese, stinging nettles, greens, oregano, and more radishes. Nom.

Happy Wednesday!

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