Finally, another asian meal

I think that finally the produce availability has enabled me to make a good and simple asian style meal.  I will say that I have only partly missed our pan-asian meals being on the locavore challenge, which by the way will be done very soon(June 9th)!

Lacinato Kale, Scallions, Radishes.

Nonetheless, we had greens, tofu, baby bok choy, and shiitake mushrooms.  It was asking for a pan asian meal.  So, I boiled some spelt berries with soy sauce, ginger and bonito flakes, and chopped up veggies and tofu.

Frozen Tofu.

The cool thing about freezing tofu is the amazing texture it takes on once thawed.  It will become firmer and a little spongy- good for soaking up sauce in my opinion.

Greens cooked with tofu, shiitake mushrooms, green garlic, scallions, ginger, honey, white wine and soy sauce.

I served the spelt berries and stir fry along with an asian style baby bok choy salad.

The greens were great cooked, but I wanted some fresh greens, so I made a raw baby bok choy salad with radishes, and a dressing of soy sauce, vinegar, fresh crushed garlic and ginger and little toasted sesame oil.

Baby Bok Choy-Radish Salad. Nom. so fresh.

The meal was good, and definitely repeatable.  It is amazing how a few months ago, I probably would have turned my nose up at so many greens in this presentation.  I feel like once it get warm(er) you suddenly crave the spring greens.  It’s one of those remarkable aspects of seasonal eating that makes it feel so natural.

Local Sources:

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