Food Parade of Our Weekend

What a weekend of food.  Though, it started out with rather humble beginnings. Last Thursday night, due to me working a lot late and some unforeseen glitches we had peanut butter and jam sandwiches for dinner.  But Friday was a new day.

Friday Breakfast: Broiled Toast with Ricotta, Canned Tomato Chopped Green Garlic, and some Peppercress.

Since we didn’t have leftovers for lunch, we decided to try out something new.  So, the whole food-truck thing has become a popular food trend, and Boston isn’t any different.  One food-truck service that we got to hear about was Clover, at some ONCE events.  We decided to check out this food-truck with fresh, vegetarian, local/seasonal food.  So, I met up with Theresa in Cambridge near her work for lunch on Friday and we walked over to the Clover truck near Kendall.

The Clover Truck.

The Clover Menu.

Luckily we got there early enough to snag some lunch before lines began to form.

Rosemary French Fries and Basil Lemonade. Yes, fried potato, but they cut the potatoes fresh on the truck, and how could you say no to green lemonade?

The Egg and Eggplant Sandwich (roasted eggplant, chopped hard boiled egg, mint, cucumber and yogurt, tahini and I think hummus all on a pita). Divine.

Chickpea Fritter Sandwich. Chickpea Fritters, Hummus, lots of pickled and fresh veggies.

The food was simply delicious and addictive.  We weren’t the only ones who thought so.

Lines for Clover forming.

After meeting for lunch I headed down to Copley Farmers Market to pick up more greenery.

And Greenery There was. Atlas Farm Tent.

Green Garlic, Siena Farms.

End Of Days Doomsayer.

There were also a lot of people shouting about the end of the world happening on the 21st at Copley.  I was very happy to know that my possible last day on Earth would include a lot of fresh local produce.  🙂

My copley Loot! Spinach, Green Garlic, Baby Bok Choy, Shiitake Mushrooms (!) herbs, and Radishes from Siena Farm. Arugula from Atlas Farm. Red Oakleaf Lettuce and Scallions from Silverbrook Farm. Mozzarella and Fig Burrata from Fiore Di Nonno.

Ah, spring.

When Theresa got home we shared some white wine mixed with sparkling water and Black Currant Cordial from Bug Hill Farm and a few frozen cherries, while making dinner.

Some beets, beet stems, and beet greens from Allendale Farm for dinner.

Friday Dinner: Spring Greens Salad (Spinach, Arugula, Peppercress, Lettuce, Green Garlic, tossed in Salad Creme (Mayo with some salt and pepper) some of Naragansett Creamery's Bittery Buttery Gouda, and nastertium for decoration. The whole green salad with mayo thing.... my oh my is it good. The brits definitely have something with salad creme.

Friday Dinner: Beet Greens and Stems with Whipped Mint Feta (Feta, Green Garlic, Fresh Mint, a little olive oil and wow), and an herbed rye berry pilaf.

Friday Dessert: Sapodilla from visit to Florida. Really malt- like mellow tropical fruit.

More Friday Dessert: Vanilla Ice Cream with come cocoa powder.

Saturday Breakfast: Scramlbed Eggs with Veggies Herbed Ricotta and Toast.

We picked up some more herbs and food from Allandale Farm on Saturday Morning after a lovely walk at the Arnold Arboretum.  We didn’t take a picture, but we picked up more kale, beets, poulet eggs, some more cheese and yogurt, and ginger ice cream from Batch (new flavor!).

Saturday Lunch in the making, more green salad. Nom.

Saturday Lunch: Side Plate of Effie's Oatcakes, Radishes, Tarragon, and Fig Burrata. Wow.

Saturday Lunch: Green Salad (just like the night before with salad creme and gouda) with a poached egg on top!

Saturday Afternoon Snack: Mamey fruit from my visit to Florida. Intensely orange and like a very sweet sweet potato crossed with pumpkin with a tropical flare. Nom.

We enjoyed the lovely afternoon planting some herbs in our patio garden and then settled into making a lovely dinner.

Saturday Dinner: More Green Salad with Boiled Vinaigrette.

Saturday Dinner:A Repeat of Jambalay, using Monkfish from our Cape Ann Fresh Catch CSF that we picked up in the afternoon.

Saturday Desert: Batch Ginger Ice Cream with Herrell's Chocolate Sauce. Nom.

Sunday Breakfast: The leftover rye berry pilaf from Friday with peppercress and fried poulet eggs.

The rest of my day was busy at work, so Theresa got ot enjoy the company of our cats and make dinner for herself. I got to eat a peanut butter and jam sandwich for myself with some home made egg salad.

Fitzwilliam almost caught in the act of sticking his toung out.

Shera stretched out.

Sunday Dinner: Another green salad with lots of nastrutiums.

Sunday Dinner: Polenta pizza (polenta, mozzarella, ricotta, arugula, green garlic, some canned tomatoes, herbs).

And that was our weekend in food.  Not bad, in my opinion.

Happy Monday!

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