Back, but not quite swinging yet

So, I finally landed back in Boston yesterday. Phew! I luckily had a chance on my public transportation based-ride home to stop at the first Copley Farmer’s market of the season.

Might I say ‘woot!’  Man, was it nice to see the familiar faces and grope fresh spring produce. It certainly made my day after sitting for a few hours on a plane.  I couldn’t take a picture of the event, because I didn’t have the camera, and it was sort of grey and rainy anyway. But I managed to pick up some early spring farmers market booty. Not bad at all.

Copley Farmers Market items.

I got Eggs and Bacon from Kate Stillman, and Ricotta, Angelito, and Bittery Buttery Gouda (a new cheese to try out) from Narragansett Creamery, and Onion, Peppercress and Mint from Siena Farms, and lastly Cucumber, Lettuce, Radish and Lacinato Kale from Atlas Farm.  Nom!  Spring Greenery!

Lettuce and Kale.

Once I got home, I had to deal with some stressful calls and finally it was dinner time, but I hadn’t made anything for dinner.  Theresa luckily came home and got me tipsy off of a combination of local white wine, rhubarb rush, and sparkling water.  After that we made a very easy and simple dinner, akin to what Theresa has been making for herself recently.

Scrambled Eggs with Carrots, Leek, and Lacinato Kale, with Cream Cheese and Chives, Bacon, WholeWheat/Buckwheat Pancakes and Jam.

After dinner I showed Theresa some tropical offerings from Florida that I had brought home.

Mamey Sapote at the top, smaller Sapodilla at the bottom.

I brought a mamey and two sapodilla fruit home. Both from small ‘local’ organic farms in Florida. They will take a little while to ripen (they are just that way) but they will provide a lovely tropical treat in the near future.

We also indulged in some vanilla ice cream from Maple Valley Creamery along with chocolate coconutty treat from Glaser Farms in Florida too.

Vanilla Ice Cream and chocolate coconut heaven drops from Glaser Farms in Miami.

And that was my first evening back in MA.  Happy to be home!

Happy Wednesday!

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1 Response to Back, but not quite swinging yet

  1. freshmarketfood says:

    Great blog and wonderful to hear about markets in Boston. I am English with Australian citizenship and just started a blog about Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne. Fantastic to see whats going on in other countries – a great hobby for travellers too!

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