Food is Boring when You are Alone

Alright, so maybe not that boring, since I still have to be a little creative with the current seasonal offerings.  It just gets, well, tedious when a single meal stretches for several sittings, and makes for a rather boring blog post. 🙂

I went to Allandale Farm over the weekend, and picked up lettuce and the most beautiful baby beets, along with cheeses and local tortellini.  I love wandering through the greenhouses, dreaming about the day when I have my own garden space for herbs, veggies, fruit and perennial flowers.  The scant space we have is shared with a very enthusiastic middle schooler who is dabbling in landscape design, making for an interesting combination of every thing that can be grown from a bulb and no real thought-through design.  I’m happy that she’s so enthused about gardening, but when she pulls up my black-eyed susans because “they looked like weeds”, I give up and retreat to my porch garden.  I’ll try to get some pictures of that for you in the near future, as rain make it hard to take pictures outside.

Moving along to food, I pretty much have been eating the same three things since JJ’s food ran out.  They are, in no particular order:

Sidehill Farm Yogurt and our preserves, with or without oatmeal and maple syrup

Effie's Oatcakes with cheese, cucumbers (or lettuce), and JJ's turnip maple-cider pickles

Scrambled eggs with veggies, toast, greens and some chive cream cheese.

One night I had tortellini with leeks and carrots, but I don’t seem to have loaded an image of that this morning in my alarm-stupor, so I’ll let you image tri-colored tortellini with carrots, leeks and some kale greens in a chicken broth sauce (complete with Marion desperately trying to fall into the bowl to eat cheese-stuffed-pasta delight).

But! Tomorrow, Tuesday the 17th, is a very very VERY exciting day.  Laura is coming home, yes, but even more exciting is that she will be stopping at the first Copley Farmers Market on her way home from the airport!  So not only will I get home from work to my partner in crime and all things food, but she will have lots of great spring goodies for us to cook!  Hurrah!

I hope everyone’s Monday passes in an acceptable manner, and that the weather breaks soon and goes back to being in the upper 60’s and sunny.

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