Food, Glorious Food…

I don’t know how many people will get the Oliver! reference in the title, but that has to be one of my favorite Broadway songs.  Who wouldn’t want hot sausage and mustard, cold custard and jelly?

Anyway, I’ve been eating well thanks to JJ Gonsan’s wonderful Shared Food Program, which I had the foresight to sign up for to carry me through part of Laura’s absence.  It was an amazing thing to come home from to a cooler bag full of delicious, local food, all ready to be heated up and nommed upon.

My food from the Shared Food Program

I have eaten almost everything since Tuesday, and I almost feel like I should have gotten two.  I’ll put this out there right now that JJ says a share consists of about 8 meals.  I say it has about 4-6, but I (and Laura) am a big eater.  That little container of corn and spinach was fabulous, and was gone in one sitting.  I think that JJ cooks very differently than Laura and I do, with a lot more butter and natural animal fats to really fill out the meal.  I tend to favor huge quantities of produce with less fat and meat, but that make eating JJ’s food a huge treat.  Shall we take a quick look at some of the dishes I have tried so far?

Some of the best deviled eggs I've had in a while. So deliciously tarragonny, yum. I can't even begin to think about how many tarragon plants gave up their lives for this fabulous egg yolk filling.

I ate my eggs with broccoli-cheddar soup. I've been rather off broccoli since the summer, but his helped place broccoli in a better light. Maybe, just maybe, by summer, I will want to eat broccoli again. Oh, and the soup was really good, topped with last cream cheese mixed with fresh green onion.

Post-work hunger-induced plate of meat and potatoes with some asparagus garnish. I cooked the purple potatoes in butter until browned and soft, heated up the steak (OMG! Good!), and ate the asparagus at room temperature. Yum Yum Yum. No need for dessert with that crazy good food.

Lastly, Lapin au Vin, or Rabbit with Wine. I liked it, but I actually think I prefer our cassoulet. This did remind me that rabbit is a kick-ass meat, that we should eat more often. And roasted red peppers can really add to the sauce, something a year or so ago you could not have convinced me of. And do you see that ramp? The essence of spring, wrapped up in that one little allium, bringing such freshness to the carrots, beans and rabbit.

I don’t have pictures of the pickles, pork verde and spinach, but I will have pictures of the pickles and pork later.  The spinach is history, and enjoyed it was.

I’m really thankful that I was able to sample JJ’s Shared Food Program.  It has gotten me through the week well fed and happy.  It has tickled my drive to have “not cooked by me” food while Laura is away, while eating in a consciously local manner.  I do trust JJ that much, but it really comes through in the food.  It is so fresh, and so lovingly prepared, it rekindles my own drive to cook again.

But that won’t happen until Laura gets back.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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1 Response to Food, Glorious Food…

  1. nruit says:

    Sorry to hear that you are on your own again, but the pre-made offerings look absolutely delicious!

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