Bon Voyage to Laura (again)!

I dropped Laura off at the airport this morning for a week-long visit with her family.  Things are going well, and hopefully this will be the last trip for a while.  So much travel is not really that great for her health, and with the spring and summer season quickly approaching, we have so much good food to acquire and eat!

Last night we had a lovely light and simple dinner that Laura so graciously put together for us:  Spring Allium and Asparagus Quiche with Goat Cheese.

Laura took lots of pictures of the process, so I present to you a small photo parade of the making of the quiche:

Prepping the home-made crust for pre-baking. I don't know which recipe she used, but it was a really good crust.

Green garlic... one of our favorite spring foods, right up there with asparagus and fiddle heads

Cooking green garlic, green onions, and leeks in butter for the quiche

Chopped asparagus... so fresh and delish!

All that green goodness piled into the crust, waiting for the egg and milk mixture. There is a layer of gaot cheese smeared on the bottom of the crust for lots of goat-cheesey goodness.

The assembled quiche, all ready for baking. The extra goat cheese was placed on top at the very end and broiled just long enough to make it warm and soft.

Dinner was sublime, with the last of our sunflower sprouts, another celebration of spring.  Can you tell we are reveling in it?

For those of you as excited as us about spring foods, the Copley Farmers Market opens one week from today, Tuesday the 17th!  Woo Hoo!

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