Food Parade of Our Weekend

And what a parade of spring food it is:

Friday Dinner: Salad with Fresh Greens from Allendale Farm, cheese, carrots, and pickled beets.

Friday Dinner: Polenta with A roasted Tomato (frozen from Red Fire Farm last year), Spinach (Allendale) and Ground Beef (From Jen and Pete's) sauce, served with a shaving of Chase Hill Farm's Italian Grace Cheese.

Saturday morning we headed out to Amherst for another go at their farmer’s market, as well to spend a lovely day in lovely weather in western MA.

This time the Amherst farmer's market was rather hopping. A lot of great vendors and a lot of great food.

Lots of spring greens!

And flowers.

And yogurt! Sidehill Farm was there. We made sure to pick up two big containers of yogurt and also a strawberry yogurt smoothie. Nom.

We ran around a little crazily (so more like me) getting lots of great items to celebrate spring. There was also a book sale on the Amherst green that we checked out.  I got an old cookbook about whole grain bread making.  Sweet! Next we headed over to Wheatberry Bakery to pick up lunch.

We got amazingly tasty sandwiches of local bread with local ingredients, real pickles, and nom, a dried cherry scone.

Next up on our trip was the Red Fire Farm farm-stand.  It is open and ready to dish out great local food, lots of flowers, and plants.

The Granby Red Fire Farm-Stand. Lovely as always.


Local food.

Veggie and Herb Plants.

Beautiful Flowers.

Slim, the cat. A new addition to the farm. Slim was found abandoned and rather emaciated by one of the farm staff and was taken in, cared for and is now a robust addition to the Red Fire Farm-Stand PR team- very friendly and sweet.

Some of the greenhouse seedlings.... it's awesome to get to see the baby plants that will eventually become your sustenance later in the CSA season.

Lots of little tomato plants in the greenhouse.

We then stopped for a little while in Northampton.  I checked out the Gay Pride Parade (which was pretty awesome) and Theresa checked out some yarn.  We then headed back home after a lovely day out in western MA.

We enjoyed the light greenery of sping trees as we drove back home.

When we got home, we took stock of our booty.  And oh my, so much plentiful, green booty.  I don’t think I can list all of it.

Leeks, green onions, sweet kale flowers, carrots, purple potatoes, green garlic, cucumbers, honey, milk, cheese.

Fiddleheads!Stinging nettles!

We also got asparagus, yogurt, beef tenderloin, local bread, rhubarb, overwintered kale… and more that I can’t even remember.  Super nom. After surveying our loot, we spriung (the word that describes utter joy at spring vegetables that makes you want to get into the kitchen, fast!) into food making action.

Saturday Dinner: Stinging Nettle Soup, garnished with yogurt and nasturtiums.

This was the first time having stinging nettles.  Theresa blanched them, chopped them and cooked them into a lovely northern european soup that tasted like strong spinach soup (but slightly different).  Very cleansing and very tasty.

Saturday Dinner: Broiled Balsamic Asparagus with seared Beef Tenderloin, Garnished with Tarragon Hollandaise Sauce and Chopped Scallions. Oh my.

Nom.  Need I say more?  No.

Sunday Breakfast: A Slice of the Local Loaf from Wheatberry, Scrambled Eggs with green garlic, and Massaged Over-Wintered Kale Salad, all with a dollop of green onion cream cheese.

I was super busy this Sunday, so after breakfast I was gone for the day.  When I returned home late that evening, Theresa had made a splendid meal. She used one of those special spring ingredients that I had been complaining that we hadn’t had yet.

Fiddleheads- the little green shoots of ferns. An early spring treat. We got these from Chang Farm.

Marion totally digged the fiddleheads. We don't blame her.An alluring fiddlehead

Sunday Dinner: Massaged Over-Wintered Kale, Sunflower Bean Sprout, Cucumber, Herbed Mung Bean Salad with raw Rhubarb as a zingy garnish. How refreshing!

Sunday Dinner: Fiddleheads (either steamed or boiled, cannot remember) with butter cooked green onion and shiitake mushrooms, served with Purple Mashed Potatoes with Green Onions. (For you, Magda!)

Sunday Dessert: Cake with cooked rhubarb. The cake was a lush egg-cake from Niki and David Goldbeck called "twinkie cake" that we used maple syrup for instead of honey. Nom good.

And that, was our weekend in food.  Quite glorious.

Happy Monday!