A Final Fairwell to Fall?

With spring bearing down had upon us with trees in full bloom and greens growing fast into tender tasty plants, Laura and I are hell-bent on cleaning out some of the last of our remaining winter food stocks from fall and winter.  Why fret over a rutabaga when there is so much lovely greenery to be eaten?

So, we roasted our last tribute squash, a sad butternut that was miraculously still intact and unrotted in any way.  It was aged, yes, but still sweet and wholesome tasting.  I made a quick and simple leek and squash soup, pureed with some dried sage and a hint of molasses.  Served with some garlicky yogurt and fresh green onions, it was a nice farewell to comfort eating.

Laura was off working, and I had intended to have a salad along with the soup, but ended up just eating lettuce straight off of the head while waiting for the soup to cook.  So fresh, so crisp and green and alive!  It feels like the whole world is fully awake for the season, and exuberant in the rain and sun and the growth.  The fresh food is heaven-sent after the last few weeks.

Dessert of walnuts dipped in a honey our friend brought back for us from Croatia

Lunch salad!

My lunch had a more proper salad, with pickled beets and a carrot from the Amherst Farmer’s Market.  We are heading back out to Amherst this weekend, to revel in the Farmer’s market out there, and then visit Red Fire Farm’s Granby site to shop at the farmstand.  We are so thrilled, and soon the inner-city markets will be opening, making us want to dance.  Expect lots of pictures on the Monday photo parade from our Saturday adventures!

Shera being super-cute on her pillow.  The little old lady has a chair with an old pillow on it that she adores, and it is her sleepy-spot all day long.  Goodness knows how she actually sleeps, since the chair is in the bird room, right next to Marion’s cage, and everyone (particularly my parents) know how loud that green feathered monster can get.

I hope everyone has a splendid weekend, and a great Mother’s Day Sunday!

Local Sources:

  • Squash, sage, beets: Red Fire Farm
  • Leeks: Old Friends Farm
  • Yogurt: Narragansett Creameries
  • Lettuce: Allendale Farm
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